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Ghislaine Maxwell and the Secrets of the Eighth HouseMaxwell G Image

The release of documents from a past civil case against Ghislaine Maxwell has the media all excited. These document, some that were released today and others that are scheduled to be released on Monday, seem likely to reveal secrets about the rich and famous friends of Jeffery Epstein and their connection to his sexual abuse of minors. This is interesting from an astrological point of view because Maxwell has the Sun in the Eighth House and the Eighth House is associated with both sex and secrets.

At first glance, Ghislaine Maxwell’s horoscope (click on Ghislaine Maxwell the see the chart) seems relatively easy. She has benevolent Jupiter conjunct her Midheaven and the chart is full of happy trines and sextiles. The only hard aspects involve the Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon. These are aspects that indicate excess and lack of focus, but not much in the way of angst.

But then we see the Sun placed in the Eighth House.  In my upcoming book, “Behind the Horoscope” (due out in Sept.), I write about the placement of the Sun in the houses. The Sun in the Eighth House is particularly interesting because it places the light of our ego in the darkest corner of the chart. People with the Sun in the Eighth tend to get caught up in deep, psychological issues. A degree of cynicism often comes with this placement and a keen awareness of human flaws and limitations.

People with the Sun in Eighth House are also frequently drawn toward subjects and activities that other people regard as dark or forbidden. They are the sort of people who can’t resist flipping up a rock, just to see what oozing and crawling underneath. From the point of view of the Sun in the Eighth, it’s impossible to fully appreciate the best parts of human nature until you've acknowledged with the worst.

Sex comes into the conversation of the Sun in the Eighth House because on a physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual level, sex is an intense experience. It brings out powerful emotions like obsession, jealousy, surrender and the lust for power that lay open all our human flaws and weaknesses. For this reason, it is not unusual for people with the Sun in the Eighth House to have a lively interest in sexual behavior.

All this tends to make folks with the placement of the Sun collectors of secrets, both their own and the secrets of other people. Typically, these secrets are safe with a Sun in the Eighth person. They treasure their secrets and recognize their power and the deep, emotional context in which they exist. However, a subpoena from a grand jury can change all that.

In “Behind the Horoscope,” I point out that there each house placement of the Sun comes with a mission. The mission of people with the Sun in the Eighth is to take what they’ve learned about the “dark” side of human nature and from intense experiences and use it to achieve some sort transformation. This transformation might take place on a physical level (like “kicking” a drug addiction), a psychological level or a spiritual level. In any case, it will represent a profound change in the person’s priorities and lifestyle. It will also represent a new level of wisdom and appreciation for the full range of human nature.

At this point, it’s hard to know what sort of transformation Ghislaine Maxwell is working toward. In “Behind the Horoscope” I say that we are all free to refuse the mission laid out for us by the house placement of our Sun. However, there’s usually a price to be paid when we do this. In Maxwell’s case, that price might be having her transformation imposed by the court.


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