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Ocasio CortezImage
A.O.C. and the Perils of a Cardinal Horoscope

As witnessed by her recent altercation with Rep. Ted Yoho, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an unusual capacity for drawing the ire of conservatives. This is odd. Ocasio-Cortez is part an ultra-liberal wing of the Democratic Party that has consistently been pushed to the back benches by the moderates. Political speaking, A.O.C. more a threat to Democrats than Republicans. You would think that conservatives would be quietly cheering her on instead of calling her names.

We might blame some of this on Ocasio-Cortez’s gender, and on her ethnicity and youth. I think it’s fair to say that if A.O.C was a middle-aged white man, both Republicans and the media would be paying much less attention to her Democratic Socialist agenda. However, being an astrologer, I have to look at her horoscope, and in A.O.C.’s horoscope (click here to see the chart) it is easy to see how she could get under the skin of some people.

The outstanding feature of Ocasio-Cortez’s chart is the prominence of Cardinal signs. Along with the Sun and Moon, she has six out of eight planets placed in these high-energy, goal-oriented signs. Obviously, A.O.C. is a self-starter who makes her own opportunities. However, Cardinal sign people can also be abrasive and irritating, particularly to those folks who don’t have to be up and doing something every second of the day.

In the midst of all this churning Cardinal sign energy we have the Sun in Libra. Libra is reputed to be a peace-loving sign, but what Libra really desires is balance, and when a Libra perceives an imbalance, he or she will put all that Cardinal sign energy into correcting it. On top of this, Ocasio-Cortez has Mars conjunct her Sun. There’s an edge to her conciliatory Libran nature. She knows how to build consensus but she also knows how to fight.

Adding to this combative quality is the placement of the Moon in Aries in Ocasio-Cortez’s chart. When the Sun is Aries, the belligerent nature of this sign is out in the open and direct. Anger flare us and the quick dissipates. With the Moon however, that anger is seated deep in the person’s subconscious. A.O.C.’s outrage at perceived injustice and imbalance is not just a political gesture. It comes out a persistent and deeply emotional need.

In Ocasio-Cortez’s chart, the Moon close to the I.C. When the Moon is placed near one of the four angled of the chart (Ascendant, Descendant, M.C. and I.C.) it is often an indicator of popularity. A.O.C. certainly has her following, but the fact that the Moon is in contentious Aries tells us why she has also gotten a lot of negative attention.

The Moon in this chart is involved in a powerful Cardinal sign T-square with the Moon opposed to Mercury (which in conjunct the M.C.) and both are square Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. The connections between the Moon, Mercury and Uranus, in particular, describes nothing less than brilliance, and the fact that both Mercury and the Moon are on the angles tells us that this brilliance will be on display in A.O.C.’s career. However, keeping all this brilliance on track and directed toward positive goals will require substantial effort on her part.

Given her Cardinal sign horoscope and the emphasis on Aries and Mars that it contains, it’s no wonder that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become such a divisive figure. Some people see a great future of this young congresswoman. Considering the amount of energy and intellectual power revealed by her horoscope, this definitely a possibility. However, there is always a danger with any chart with this much Cardinal energy that the person will push him or herself too hard and too far and burn out or end up fighting some private war that never ends. As always with astrology, what’s really important is not the issues described in your horoscope, but how you as an individual deal with those issues. In the case of Ocasio-Cortez, we will have to wait and see.