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Kanye West Running for PresidentKanyeWestImage

As if we already didn’t have sufficient reason to pay attention to the coming election, now we have Kanye West adding his personal brand of chaos to the proceedings. His announcement on July 5th that he was running as an independent seemed to cause more amusement that political concern. Of course, that was also the case when Donald Trump first announced his intention to run in 2015. Look where that ended up.

Obviously, there are several differences between Donald Trump’s 2016 candidacy and Kanye West’s current ambition. One of the most striking is that West has publicly admitted that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. While President Trump tells us that he is a “stable genius,” Kanye West is quite open about the fact that he is a “unstable” genius. I respect that. In fact, it might even be a good slogan for West’s campaign.

I’m still using the unverified birth time of 8:45 AM for Kanye’s chart. This time bubbled up from the internet a few years ago and no one seems to know its original source, but the chart seems to fit what we know about West’s personality. I like Cancer as an Ascendant for him. I also like the fact that this time places his Moon in a tight T-square with his Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. (Click on Kanye West to see this unverified horoscope.)

Another thing I like about this chart is the way that the T-square aligns with the astrological houses. It places Neptune, which is often associated with music, in the Fifth House of creativity. Neptune is opposite the Sun and Jupiter, aspects that expand West’s creativity and connects it to his ego. Unfortunately, this opposition also dissolves the boundaries of the ego, which is one reason why Kanye as become famous for odd, egocentric behavior.

In the house system I’m using, the Sun and Jupiter are placed in the Eleventh House. This would accent collaborative efforts and Kanye has often collaborated with other artists. However, other house systems place the Sun and Jupiter in the Twelfth House, which is the sector that is often associated with misfortune. Being bipolar is a serious misfortune.

With this 8:45 chart, all the energy created by the opposition of the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune is fed into West’s Moon in Pisces in the Ninth House. The fact that the Moon is in Pisces echoes the creativity of Neptune in the Fifth, while the placement in the Ninth House describes an interest in “big” ideas and belief systems. Kanye has previously been outspoken about his Christian faith and his enthusiasm for the politics of Donald Trump. Now, he taking his “big” ideas on the campaign trail.

However, this is where the 8:45 M chart of Kanye West lets him down. On July 5, when he announced his candidacy, there were no significant transits to this horoscope. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015 transiting Saturn was square its natal place, a powerful indicator of change. With this chart, Kanye has nothing like that. This tells me that his campaign for the presidency is bound to disappear into the Neptunian fog. He’s going to have to find a different way to apply his “unstable” genius.

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