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Following the Moon: July 5, 2020

I have to admit that I got a little carried away in my analysis of the New Moon chart for June 21. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I put too much weight on the square by Mars to the Sun and Moon and the potential toward violence. It turns out that the sextiles from Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto restricted the violent inclinations of Mars and , even though the Black Live Matter protests have continued, they have been mostly peaceful.

The aspect that really defined this chart was the quincunx between Saturn in the Tenth House of leadership and the Sun and Moon. This described the giant disconnect between what our President has been saying about the spread of COVID 19 in this country and what is actually happening. Quincunx aspects tend to bring us “head-scratcher” situations, and this is  one for the history books.

Another thing about the New Moon chart that came through was the strong placement of Uranus. Uranus shakes things up and things have really been shaking in the Trump reelection campaign during the past two weeks. We had the release of Bolton’s book, ill-advised rallies that flopped and got people sick, intelligence briefings ignored and sinking poll numbers. The “something big” that I hinted at in that analysis could be the beginning of the end of this administration.

The Full Moon and eclipse chart for July 5 (July 4 in Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones) also features a lot of activity in the Tenth House, which generally represent people in authority. (Click here to see the chart.) The Moon is there along with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This would indicate that, once again, the emphasis will be placed on our leadership and judgements concerning its effectiveness.

Uranus is going to play a role in this judgement. It is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun in the Fourth House of home. The trine aspect indicates that things should go better for President Trump during the next two weeks, but Uranus is tricky and prone to bring us surprises and instability. Given the aspects currently impacting Trump’s personal chart, he doesn’t need any more surprises right now.

We could also read these aspects as representing positive changes for the country in general. The Black Lives Matter protests might actually bring about changes in law enforcement and in other government institutions and our increased awareness of the dangers of COVID-19 and the false allure of “reopening” could bring down the number of new cases. Sometimes the surprises Uranus brings us are actually nice surprises. Let’s hope for that.

The one thing in this chart that has me worried is the placement of Mercury on the I.C. Planets placed on the angles of the horoscope tend to have an exaggerated influences. Mercury has to do with communication and the media. It is square Mars in this chart. This could indicate inflammatory speech and attacks against the media. We’ve already seen evidence of the later, both in the President’s comments and in actions take by police at protests. Inflammatory speech could come from protestors or from people in authority.

Mercury is also an indicator of instability so, when we consider it in tandem with the Uranus aspects to the Sun and Moon, this seems to promise another two weeks of uncertainty. This will likely include uncertainty about what course the virus will take, but it could also describe uncertainty about many other issues, both domestic and foreign. The “interesting times” continue.