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Mark Zuckerberg Leans to the Right

During the months before the COVID 19 pandemic swept aside such petty concerns, there were some buzz in the press about a rightward turn in the management of Facebook. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was holding dinner meeting with conservative pundits and online personalities and refusing to join Twitter in attaching fact-check alerts to some of President Trump’s more outlandish statements.

I have no knowledge of the inner workings of the management at Facebook, but I do have a partial horoscope (without a time of birth) for Mark Zuckerberg. (Click on Zuckerberg to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) What that chart tells me is that, regardless of how he votes come election time, conservatism is pretty much built into Zuckerberg’s personality.

Mark Zuckerberg is a Taurus by Sun sign with his Moon in Scorpio. Both of these signs tend to be conservative in their thinking. That is to say, they don’t like to take risks and they tend toward preserving the status quo. For Taurus is all about comfort. As long as Taurus folks are comfortable with the status quo, it is very difficult to convince them that change is necessary. Scorpios have an instinctive pessimism that often makes them suspicious of change on any level.

This doesn’t mean that a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon can’t become an advocate for change. It just means that it takes a lot of discomfort to get him or her to that point. Money is also tends to be a major factor for Taurus people. Their level of discomfort is often directly related to how much money they have in the bank. Facebook as a company has suffered some major loses recently because of boycotts by certain advertisers, but Zuckerberg’s personal financial situation is, by all indications, quite comfortable.

The boycotts have a lot to do with Facebook’s laisse-faire treatment of right-wing content, in particular false statement made by President Trump. You might think that this would get a Taurus’ attention. However, a greater concern for Zuckerberg is the possibility that tech giants like Facebook could be labeled monopolies and broken up. Threats to do this have come from both the left and the right, but at present it’s the right that’s calling the shots. It’s only practical to stay on their good side.

Another conservative indicator in Zuckerberg’s chart is the fact that his Mercury is opposed to Pluto. He is a critical thinker with outstanding analytical abilities. However, Zuckerberg’s problem-solving mind tends to get into a rut. He is prone to stick to what he knows best and the tried and true methods that have worked for him in the past. The laisse-faire approach is what he started with and, until it proven totally unworkable, it will remain his standard.

You may ask how a person with such a conservative horoscope could become such an innovator. The answer to that question is the placement of Uranus in Zuckerberg’s chart. He has Uranus conjunct the South Node of the Moon. Zuckerberg came into this life with the karmic purpose of shaking things up but, now that he’s done that, his core personality has taken over.

Regardless of how Zuckerberg votes, or even if he votes, that core personality is more aligned with conservative, Republican values than ideas of the left. There’s nothing wrong with that and it does not necessarily mean that Zuckerberg is a friend of Donald Trump. (Trump has never been a traditional Republican.) What it means is that Zuckerberg recent efforts to placate the conservatives comes as much out his basic personality than any business concern.