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The Neptune ExperimentNeptune Symbol

I’ve been conducting an astrological experiment. Right now Neptune is within a degree of a square aspect to Donald Trump’s Moon. However, Neptune will not “complete” this aspect. Neptune turned retrograde today at 20Pisces58, 14 minutes of the arc short of making the aspect exact. I wondered how effective this “almost” aspect might be. The past couple of weeks have given me a pretty clear answer.

This Neptune aspect has been within a degree since the beginning of May and I’ve seen what looks like evidence of this aspect’s influence in some of the President’s tweets and his denial of the COVID 19 pandemic, even as the number of infections and death continues to rise. But, this sort of behavior is nothing new for President Trump, so I couldn’t be sure.

Then came Donald Trump’s famous ramp walk at West Point on Saturday, June 13. The President slow, haunting descent down that ramp after speaking to the cadets drew a lot of attention and a lot of giggles. It certainly looked like a Neptune moment. However, Mars was conjunct transiting Neptune on that day and square Trump’s natal Moon, so I couldn’t exclude the possibility that it was Mars that was making the President look so decrepit.

The thing that removed all doubt about the effectiveness of the Neptune square was what happened at Trump’s rally this past weekend. The failure of Trump’s supporters to show up in great numbers, partly because of the Coronavirus and partly because a few mischievous teens bought up bunches of tickets, had Neptune written all over it. Neptune is all about grand plans that fall flat and inflated expectations that disappoint. Neptune transits often leave us embarrassed and looking for someone to blame when, typically, the main culprit for our troubles is our own self-deception.

I should note that, along with being almost square Trump’s Moon, Neptune is also square the Nodes of the Moon in his chart. It could be said that, since the President’s Moon is opposed to his Sun, Neptune is by extension square the Sun as well. All of this could be one reason why this aspect has created such havoc in the President’s life even without the square to his Moon being exact.

As I said, Neptune turned retrograde today and started moving away from its square to Trump’s Moon. However, it is moving slowly and will remain within and orb of one degree of that aspect until mid-August. This means that Mr. Trump is likely to experience more miscues and flatten expectations during the coming weeks. The good news for him is that the aspect will be gone by the scheduled date of the Republican National Convention. The bad news is that, by this time, Saturn will be making a slow opposition to his Venus. I’ll have more to say about this aspect at a later date.

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