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Following the Moon: June 21, 2020

In my analysis of the Full Moon chart for June 5 (click here to see the article and the chart) I said that President Trump’s threat to use the military to quash the demonstrations in various cities across the US would fizzle. It did, partially because of push back from the military and partly because of public outrage. I also predicted that we would see more violence. We have, though it has mostly been perpetrated by angry police officers against protesters and others.

I felt that the conjunction of Mars and Neptune in the Sixth House of this Full Moon chart signaled an increase in Covid 19 infections and confusion about what this meant. We saw a surge in several states but instead of confusion they were followed by efforts by both the President and Vice President to pretend that it didn’t happen. Confusion is one manifestation of Neptune. Flat out denial of the facts is another.

What I didn’t comment on in my June 5 analysis was the presence of the Sun in the Ninth House, which rules both law and publication. During this two week period we got two significant rulings from the Supreme Court, one forbidding discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and one reinstating the DACA program. In the publication area we had a push by the Trump administration to prevent the release of John Bolton’s book on his time in the White House.

I would like to say that the “interesting” times in which we are living are coming to an end, but the chart for tomorrow’s New Moon indicates that we have even more “interesting” times ahead of us. (Click here to see the chart.) This is a very dynamic chart, with the Moon eclipsing the Sun on the first degree of a Cardinal sign (Cancer). Both are also square Mars. Anytime Mars is involved there is the possibility for violence. I’m hoping that the sextile aspect Mars is making to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will calm that violent intent but I’m not betting any money on it.

I expect the protests to continue, possibly fed by more violent interactions between the police and black citizens or possibly linked to the rallies Trump has scheduled. The square by the Sun and Moon to Mars tells us the anger is still there, on both sides, and that some sort of eruption is likely.

The Sun and Moon form a quincunx to Saturn. This aspect might also dampen the tendency toward violence, but it bring us a different sort of problem. The issues posed by quincunx aspects tend to be complex and hard to define. They come at us from odd angles and often take us by surprise.

What make this aspect particularly difficult to read is the fact that we can’t say for sure what house the Sun and Moon occupy. It could the Second or the Third, depending on which house system you use. If it’s the Second, look for bad news about the economy. If it’s the Third, interference or blockages related to communication will be the issue.

The dynamic placement of the Sun and Moon and the aspects they receive would, by themselves, describe an “interesting” lunation period, but there’s more. Uranus in this chart (set for Washington D.C.) is conjunct the Ascendant. This is a classic indicator of instability. It is not necessarily bad, but it does tell us that major changes are on the horizon and that we had better be ready for them.

An equally important and more ominous indicator in this chart is the fact that Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct and both are near the Midheaven. This describes an expansion of power from our leadership. The fact that Saturn is also in the Tenth House add extra weight to this tendency. Of course, that brings us back to the quincunx between Saturn and the Sun and Moon. The issues that bring about this expansion of power are going to be more complex and illusive than they first appear.

I understand that, after three months of a pandemic and three weeks of protests, many of us are ready for a nap. Unfortunately, the next two weeks is not going afford us that opportunity. Even if you turn off the news and bury your phone under a couch cushion, this chart indicates that you are still going to be made aware that something big is cooking.

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