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Yet Another Potential VP Pick

It seems like every week a new name tops the list of potential running mates for Joe Biden. This week the favorite seems to be Susan Rice. Of course, Rice has always been in the conversation. As the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, her resume is substantial. However, the call for a woman of color to be Biden’s pick has recently pushed Rice up toward the top of his list.

The one thing on Rice’s resume that might hold her back is her involvement in the Benghazi controversy. I know. After what’s happened in this country during the past three and half years, the importance given the events in Benghazi back in 2012 seems ludicrous. But for Republicans, just the word is sufficient. It carries implications of misinformation and poor policy decisions that could hurt a Biden-Rice ticket.

The interesting thing about Susan Rice’s horoscope (click on Susan Rice to see a partial horoscope done for noon on her date of birth) is that she, like Joe Biden, is a Scorpio by Sun sign. In fact, her Sun is just a couple of degrees away from being perfectly aligned with Biden’s. That could be good, in terms of their relationship. They will certainly understand one another. However, any time two people with the Sun in Fixed signs get together, there is likely to be a butting of heads.

It’s also possible that Rice’s Moon could be conjunct Biden’s Moon in Taurus. This would definitely be another positive connection, indicating that Rice and Biden are emotionally in sync. Unfortunately, without a time of birth for Rice, we can’t be sure of this. What we can be sure of is that Jupiter in Rice’s chart is opposite Mercury in Biden's. This is a good aspect for two people working together.

The current transits to Rice’s chart are mildly positive. Both Jupiter and Pluto are sextile her natal Sun. This could indicate a weighty decision that could expand Rice’s ego. However, the Jupiter aspect will be fading by the end of this month and, at the moment, there are no indications that Biden will be making his decision anytime soon.

The main thing in Rice’s favor has to do with Biden's horoscope. Since he's a Scorpio, we know that his final decision will be based on emotion, how he feels about the candidate. Having worked with Rice in the Obama administration, the two of them probably already have some sort of connection. The alignment of their Suns and the possible alignment of their Moons will make that connection more instinctive. Rice might not be his first choice on a rational basis, but the fact that he know her and feels comfortable with her will make up for a lot of deficiencies.