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More Potential VP PicksBottomsDemingsImage

The nationwide outrage over the death of George Floyd (along with the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others) has increased the call for Joe Biden to pick a woman of color as his running mate. It has as also brought some names that may have previously been far down on Biden’s list of potential candidates much closer to the top. Among them is Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms and Florida Congresswoman, Val Demings.

Bottoms has earned praise for her strong reaction to the rioting that erupted in her city shortly after the death of George Floyd. She has also been openly critical of the actions of President Trump with regard to protesters. Demings’ resume includes a long career as a police officer in Orlando, Florida that ended with her being appointed the Chief of Police in that city. This gives her a unique perspective on the unrest that is currently rocking the country.

Bottom’s chart (click on Keisha Lance Bottoms to see the partial horoscope) presents us with a conundrum. The aspects in this horoscope center on her Moon and, without a time of birth, we can’t be sure of where her Moon actually is. In fact, we can’t even say for sure what sign it occupies. What we can say is that Bottoms is a proactive, can-do Capricorn by Sun sign. Her Sun is sextile Mars, which is in Pisces, increasing her aggressiveness but at the same time giving her the ability to be subtle and even secretive when she needs to be.

A partial horoscope done for noon on Demings’ date of birth (click on Val Demings to see the chart) shows that she has the Sun, Mercury and Venus all  in Pisces. Pisces people are generally known for their affable, easy-going natures, but Demings also has Mars in stubborn Taurus and it is square Pluto. This aspect tells us why she chose law enforcement as her first career and it creates an interesting combination of Pisces gentleness and Mars-square-Pluto toughness within Demings’ personality.

With the transits in the chart of Keisha Lance Bottoms, we are brought back to the precise locations of her Moon. Last month transiting Saturn came very close to squaring Bottoms’ natal Saturn. It will complete the aspect in Jan. 2021. These Saturn Cycle aspects often represent make-or-break moments in a person’s career. This could bode very well for Bottoms if it weren’t for the possibility that transiting Saturn is currently making a conjunction with her Moon. This aspect would likely bring her disappointment.

For Bottoms, it really comes down to what time on January 8 she was born. If she was born in early morning or after sunset, then I would say that her chances of being Biden’s pick for the VP slot would be good. A birthtime anywhere toward the middle of the day would indicate just the opposite.

At first glance the transits to Val Demings chart seem be quite positive. Transiting Jupiter is currently trine her natal Mars and her natal Jupiter. This explains why her name has been frequently seen in the media recently. However, transiting Jupiter is currently moving retrograde away from these aspects. After the next couple of weeks, it may not help her.

Meanwhile, transiting Neptune is conjunct Demings natal Sun. This aspect is going to be around for a while, and it is likely to create a fog of questions around Demings’ candidacy. Among the questions that might bedevil her are allegations of police brutality during her tenure and police chief and, with Neptune riding her Sun, her answers are not likely to be as clear and definite as they could be.

Of course, without a time of birth there is much I cannot see about these two horoscopes and one or both could have favorable transits or progressions that could change everything I just wrote. However, from what I can see, Bottoms and Demings are going to have to deal with some significant obstacles in order to see their names on the ballot in November.

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