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Trump Talks Toughtrumpimage

There are moments when events take such a tragic, awful turn that talking about astrology becomes superfluous. The wave of protests that has swept the nation during the past several days has been one of those periods. However, now that our President has finally spoken out about the protests, I find it necessary to examine how his actions and threats match both his horoscope and the horoscope of the United States.

Yesterday, President Trump threatened to send active duty troops into American cities to stop the protests. This has been done before. Troops were used to enforce desegregations during the 1950s and they were sent to Los Angeles during the riots that followed the beating of Rodney King. However, Trump’s approach to this action is somewhat different. He announced his intentions less out of necessity than out of a desire to appear tough.

That’s what got me looking at his horoscope. (Click on Donald Trump to see the chart.) I knew that he is currently undergoing a long opposition aspect by transiting Pluto to his natal Venus and Saturn. On top of that, Jupiter, which is moving retrograde in Capricorn, has just come within a degree of opposing his natal Venus. I had expected this Jupiter aspect to be a positive force in Trump’s life. Instead, it seems to have super-charged the Pluto aspect.

First of all, having Venus conjunct Saturn in is the natal horoscope tends to dampen empathy. That’s fine. As I have said, we all don’t have to be Mother Theresa. However, the opposition by Pluto to these two natal planets increases that tendency and adds a hard edge of mistrust. This is one reason why President Trump has recently seemed more concerned about the effects of Covid 19 on the economy than its death toll, or the supply of meat than the health of people working in meat factories, or the looting of stores than black people being murdered by police officers.

Now Jupiter comes along. Jupiter expands and increases. A little bit of luck can become a lot of luck during a Jupiter transit. Unfortunately, a little bit of arrogance, selfishness and callousness can do the same thing. Another thing that a Jupiter transit does is increase our confidence and our need to assert ourselves. For the first few days of the protests President Trump was quite. People criticized him for that but after yesterday’ belligerent address, many of them are probably wishing he had remained silent.

It so happens that Donald Trump's natal Saturn and Venus conjunct Mercury in the Sibly chart for the United States. (Click here to see the chart.) Therefore, transiting Jupiter and Pluto are also both opposed to the U.S. Mercury. Jupiter is also still within a degree or a conjunction to Pluto in the natal U.S. chart.

The fact that Mercury and Pluto are opposed in the U.S. chart shows us why the Insurrections Act of 1807 (the law that let's Trump use active duty troops to quele a riot) exists. The founding fathers understand that, in order to solve problems (Mercury) you sometimes have to use extraordinary power (Pluto). This is also why extremism seems so much a part of the American character and why, throughout our history, extreme opinions have taken root and driven events.

Obviously, Jupiter and Pluto are expanding this tendency within the American people. The people marching in our cities are not interested in halfway measures. That’s why Trump’s threats are more likely to deepen divisions than scare people back into their homes. However, the fact is that Americans are not nearly as divided as the President seems to think. Most people agree with the protesters that what happened to George Floyd and the targeting of African-Americans by he police is wrong. The protests are an expression anger at the fact that that general agreement has not changed the behavior of some of our police officers and the attitude of those at the highest level of leadership.

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