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Trump’s Twitter Warrior: Dan Scavino Jr.

After Donald Trump took office I did a series of articles on the people serving in his administration. Most of those people are long gone. The one guy who remains and is now the longest serving person in the Trump administration is someone I didn’t notice. (In fact, I don’t know if anyone noticed him.) That’s Dan Scavino Jr., whose main job has been managing the President’s social media input.

Scavino managed Trump’s social media accounts during the presidential campaign and the President liked his aggressive no-holds-barred style. Scavino has continued in this job during the Trump presidency and has had a hand in all of the shocking and factually challenged remarks that have sprung from the President’s twitter account during the past three years. Because of these efforts, Scavino was recently promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff.

Scavino is a Capricorn by Sun sign. (Click on Dan Scavino to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.) What little we know about him seems to match a Capricornian climb to the top. He started out as Trump’s caddie during a golf tournament. Then, after completing college, he was quickly made the manager of Trump’s golf club. How this led to a job as Trump’s social media tzar is unknown (though Scavino does have a B.A. in communications), but his performance in this job has quietly made the former caddie someone the President cannot do without.

The connection between Scavino and Trump is no accident. Scavino’s Capricorn Sun is opposite Trump’s natal Venus and his Jupiter is opposed to Trump’s Jupiter. Scavino understands, as only a Capricorn can, that his advancement in life is closely tied to that of the President. He has to watch out, though. His Venus is opposite Trump’s Uranus. A sudden change in the President’s thinking could lead to Scavino’s expulsion. In fact, with this connection, it is a testament to Scavino’s Capricornian savviness that he’s managed to outlast so many of Trump’s other favorites.

However, what really interests me about Scavino’s horoscope is the “almost” grand trine involving Mercury, Mars and Pluto. We associate Mercury with communication. It is the messenger. It’s trine to Mars is a little by wide by my standards, but since Mars is in Mercury’s sign, Gemini, there is a natural affinity. Mars is, of course, the warrior. And then we add Pluto, relentless, ruthless, go-for-the-jugular Pluto. Pluto is easily within orb of a trine to Mars and Mercury. This is the perfect aspect for someone who seems intent on becoming Donald Trump’s version of Joseph Goebbels.

Scavino’s contribution to the Trump presidency has recently come under scrutiny due to the President’s fight with Twitter. Twitter has started putting a “fact check” labels on some of Trump’s inflammatory tweets. The President doesn’t like this and he’s promised an executive order that will strike back at the social media giant. It’s unclear what Trump has in mind but whatever it is, could greatly impact the job of his new Deputy Chief of Staff.

In Scavino’s horoscope, transiting Pluto had been conjunct the natal Sun for most of this year and will continue in the aspect for another couple of months. Scavino is feeling pressured. He may feel that it’s his job to save Donald Trump, who has been consistently behind in the polls to Joe Biden. This would be a typical reaction for a Capricorn. It’s no wonder that Trump’s tweets have become a bit more desperate and far out in recent weeks. The man who controls the thumbs of the man who controls the country is worried about his job.

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