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Reconsidering Amy KlobucharKolbucharAmyImage

Every week we seem to have a different woman rumored to be the frontrunner for Biden’s running mate. One week it’s Kamala Harris. On another it’s Elizabeth Warren. On another it’s Amy Klobuchar. Back when Klobuchar dropped out of the presidential race, I had wondered if her sudden decision to fold came with a promise of greater things to come from the Biden campaign. I thought this because the aspects in Klobuchar chart at that time were so positive. Of course, that was several months ago and both the political and astrological climate has changed.

There is no doubt that Klobuchar has something to offer the Biden campaign. She’s relatively young, a moderate (like Joe Biden) and she’s the Senator from Minnesota. Democrats need to carry some of these midwestern states if they hope to win in November. On the negative side, there’s a lot pressure on Biden right now to choose woman of color as his VP and that Klobuchar is not.

Astrologically, Klobuchar’s chart reveals a person who is well-prepared for political success. (Click on Amy Klobuchar to see her chart.) She has the Sun and Moon in Gemini in the Fourth House. She’s mentally sharp, a born problem-solver, and she has a strong emotional attachment to her homeland and the people who live there.

The Sun and Moon in Klobuchar’s chart are square Pluto, which tells us that she is resilient, thick-skinned and much more focused in her approach to problems than the typical Gemini. The fact that Klobuchar has both the Moon and Venus bracketing the I.C. in her chart means that she can hide that toughness behind a veil of down-home charm when she has too.

Jupiter in Klobuchar’s chart trines the Moon in Joe Biden’s, so he probably feels comfortable with her. Unfortunately, I don’t see any other connections between their charts that would be good for compatibility and, generally speaking, Gemini’s and Scorpios don’t mix so well together. The fact that Klobuchar’s chart is all but devoid of Water signs (while Biden’s is loaded with them) is also not helpful.

Klobuchar is going through some positive transits right now. Saturn, which is moving slowly in retrograde, is trine her Moon and Jupiter, which is also retrograde, is trine her Venus. However, these are relatively quiet, restful aspects. I not sure if they promise the dramatic turn in Klobuchar’s life that getting picked to become the possible Vice President of the United States would be. Of course, these transits are, by extension, also hitting Klobuchar’s natal I.C. That could produce a little more oomph but, I have to admit, I’m doubtful.

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