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Following the Moon: May 22, 2020

I think that we can all agree that the Neptunian lack of clarity that has been pervasive since pretty much the beginning of this crisis was not in any way alleviated during the past two weeks. This period featured a sharp disagreement between President Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci about the long-term impact of the Coronavirus, questions about the reported number of deaths attributed to the virus and claims by the President’s son that it’s all a hoax perpetrated by evil Democrats. This is Neptune at its ambiguous, who-do-you-believe worst.

In my description of the Full Moon chart for May 7, I predicted this. (Click here to see the article and the chart.)  I also predicted that the general populous would, nonetheless, be feeling pretty positive. I think we saw this, as most of the nation began the slow process of reopening after two months of staying home. The prospect of returning to normal, as distant as it might be, had most of us feeling upbeat.

Another thing I saw in the May 7 Full Moon chart was the possibility of conflict involving our leadership. Fortunately, that did not manifest as a confrontation with Iran or North Korea, as I had feared. Instead, we had the President at war with science, as he announced that he was taking a drug that he has been touting as great breakthrough in the treatment of Covid 19 but that medical experts, including the CDC, claim has not proven to be effective and has several detrimental side effects.

It is my unfortunate duty to report that in the New Moon horoscope for May 22, (click on New Moon to see the chart), Neptune is once again a prime actor. However, there is a difference. In last three lunation charts, Neptune has saw sort of snuck into the conversation with sextiles, quincunxes and semi-sextiles. In the May 22 chart, the planet is placed loud and proud in the angular Seventh House and in its own sign of Pisces. From there Neptune makes an almost exact square to Mercury and Venus in the Tenth House. This indicates to me that we are going to see a major confrontation involving some of the vague and deceptive talk that has been coming from our leadership lately.

This could involved the Covid 19 crisis, but there are other possibilities. The Senate seems ready to start an investigation of Hunter Biden, the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case that could result in the release of Donald Trump’s tax records and Tare Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden have yet to be substantially confirmed or completely discredited. We could see a critical move on one of these issues or all of them or on something I haven’t thought of. There’s no guarantee that this will result in clarity. After all, we’re still dealing with Neptune. But new information will emerge and the plot will thicken.

The Sun and the Moon in this chart are in Gemini in the Ninth House of philosophy and the higher mind. They are hit with a couple of major aspects: a square from Mars and a very close trine from Saturn. Since Mars is in the Sixth House of health, I’m thinking that we are going to see the infection rate from the virus go up during the next two weeks, and that this will spark a renewed debate between the people who want to keep everyone at home and safe and the people demanding a reopening of the economy. Given the nature of the two planets aspecting the Sun and Moon, this debate could get nasty.

This New Moon chart is more dynamic than the last three lunation charts and that should bring us the resolution of some questions and some issues. However, Neptune is still the big cheese in this horoscope, so a lot will remain indefinite and we should all remain wary of bad and deceptive information.

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