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GrishamM LujanImageWill Michelle Lujan Grisham be Biden's Running Mate?

Joe Biden has vowed to choose a woman as a running mate for the November election. Many people are pressing him to pick a woman of color, such as Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris.   (Click on the names to see my articles on these women.) But there are also people who fear that the Democratic Party is losing support in the Latino community and they want Biden to pick a Latino running mate. Among the women who is being considered is the Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Politically, Grisham has much to recommend her. Before her election as Governor in 2018, she served in the U.S. House of Representatives, so she has experience at both the federal level and (as governor) in an executive position. As governor Grisham championed the repeal of New Mexico’s antiquated and unenforceable anti-abortion law. She was not successful, but she showed herself to be a fighter. On the negative side, Grisham lacks the nationwide name recognition or Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren or even Stacy Abrams.

Astrologically, we are once again limited by the fact that we don’t have a time of birth for Grisham. (Click on Michelle Lujan Grisham to see a partial horoscope done for noon on her date of birth.) What we can see even in this partial horoscope, however, reveals that Grisham really is a fighter. She has the Sun on the first degree of Scorpio conjunct Mars. This is for sure the horoscope of a warrior. Her Moon could be in either Cancer or Leo. It could also possibly be square her natal Sun and Mars, which would certainly increase the warrior signature, perhaps a little bit too much.

With regard to Grisham’s compatibility with Joe Biden, the fact that she is also a Scorpio is something of a red flag. Getting two Fixed sign people to agree is always a challenge, but when you have two people with the Sun in same Fixed sign, it is even harder. With two Scorpios, no matter how similar their views might be, it only takes one point to disagreement to sour the entire relationship. If Grisham’s Moon is in Leo, this tendency would be increased.

An overlay of the two charts reveals that Grisham’s Mercury is conjunct Biden’s natal Mercury, which is good. They think alike. However, Grisham’s Uranus is square Biden’s Mercury and her Sun and Mars are opposite his natal Moon. These two people might start out feeling an affinity for one another, but it ain’t going to last. Conflicts will emerge. Of course, Scorpios are typically very good and keeping their feelings and their disagreements under wraps when it’s necessary.

Right now, Saturn is hovering in a slow retrograde at one degree of Aquarius, square Grisham’s Mars. It will continue to move backwards (relative to the motion of the Earth) until it squares her Sun at the beginning of June. These aspects not the sort that typically give a boost to a person’s career. They are more likely to represent challenges to the person's ego and will. Previously, when asked about the V.P. spot, Grisham has maintained that she was currently too busy with New Mexico’s problems (particularly the Coronavirus) to think about another job. The might continue to be her story, even if Joe Biden comes knocking.