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Will Elizabeth Warren be Biden’s VP?

Of all of last year’s contenders for the Democratic nomination for whom we did not have a time of birth (and there were a lot of them) the one that gave me the most trouble, astrologically, was Elizabeth Warren. I struggled to find aspects that explained the surge in her candidacy that we saw in late 2019. The same goes for her disappointing showing in the early primaries in 2020. Of course, without a time of birth, there is much about Warren’s chart that I cannot see and, apparently, it is the stuff I couldn’t see that was calling the shots in Warren’s life during that period.

However, I was right about one thing. This was with regard to her secondary progressed chart. In that chart Warren’s progressed Sun and Saturn are square her natal Mars and Mercury. I wrote back in January 2019 (click here to see that article and Warren’s chart) that this would severely limit her chances of winning the nomination. Secondary progressed aspect tend to function on a personal level, so I had expected a major dip in Warren’s energy level to sabotage her campaign. This did not happen. Instead, these aspects seem to have worked against her on a public level, in her inability to convince Democratic voters that she was the “one”.

Now, there is talk about Elizabeth Warren becoming Joe Biden’s running mate. Politically speaking there is plenty to recommend Warren. She already has nationwide name recognition and she has shown herself to be an energetic campaigner. On the other hand, Warren is from the same Baby Boom generation as Biden, even though she is six and half years younger. Also, Warren’s positions are quite a bit to the left of Biden’s on several issues and this could produce friction.

Looking at an overlay of Warren’s chart with Biden’s, there are factors that could indicate compatibility. Warren’s Sun and Venus in Cancer blend nicely with Biden’s Scorpio Sun sign and stellum in that sign. Both have the Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Warren’s chart squares the Moon in Biden’s. This describes two people who like and understand each other even though their opinions about important issues are quite different (and not likely to change).

Unfortunately for Warren, those secondary progressed aspects I mentioned are still in force. If they were enough to keep her from getting the nomination, they’re not likely to help Warren’s chances at becoming the V.P. Also, right now Saturn is moving retrograde in a quincunx to Warren’s Sun and Uranus. This is likely to stifle any expansion of her ego during the next few weeks. Combined, these aspects indicate that Elizabeth Warren will not be Biden’s pick for a running mate. Of course, considering my track record with this chart and all that I can’t see without a time of birth, my confidence in that judgment is a bit shaky.