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The Horoscope of Tammy BaldwinbaldwinTammyImage

Among the women whose names are in the hat from which Joe Biden will chose his running mate is the junior senator from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin won her seat in 2012 and became the first openly gay person to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Were she to be Biden’s pick for VP, Baldwin could make history again as our first LBGT Vice President.

We don’t have a time of birth for Baldwin so we will have to use a partial horoscope done for noon on her date of birth. (Click on Tammy Baldwin to see the chart.) The most striking thing about this horoscope is the stellum (astrology talk for big bunch) of planets in Aquarius.  Baldwin has her Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn in that sign. It’s fairly rare to see a six planet stellum in any sign. It’s particularly notable when that sign is Aquarius.

Aquarians are noted for their contrary and rebellious behavior, their willingness to go against the grain, break with the herd and think for themselves. When she decided to run as an openly gay candidate for a state-wide office in a Midwestern state which two years before had elected a staunchly conservative Republican (Scott Walker) governor, Baldwin had to know that the odds were not in her favor. But that’s the thing about Aquarians. They expect to surprise us.

Within this stellum of planets in Baldwin’s chart there are two conjunctions. The first includes the Sun, Jupiter and Venus. This is a fortunate combination. Aquarians can, at times, appear cold and abrasive. The conjunction of Baldwin’s Sun to Jupiter adds confidence, but it also adds warmth and optimism, while the conjunction to Venus brings charm and somewhat softens her Aquarian edge.

The other conjunction features Mercury with Mars and Saturn. This is an “all-business” aspect. Baldwin is a person with a plan and the guts to push that plan though any opposition that comes her way. The fact that her Mercury is also quincunx Pluto adds to this tendency and gives her tremendous focus.

This is certainly a powerful chart. However, it has one big drawback. The chart is dominated by Fixed signs. Baldwin is not a flexible person. The conjunction of her Sun to Venus will allow her to go through the motions of diplomacy but, once her opinions are set, she will proceed with ironclad determination. This is likely to lead to serious conflicts, particularly with other people with horoscopes heavy with Fixed signs, like Joe Biden.

The current transits to Baldwin’s chart are not particularly auspicious. Jupiter is quincunx her natal Uranus, which could indicate a lucky break. However the strongest transit right now involves transiting Uranus, which is square her Mars and will be square Mercury in a few weeks. This is certainly indicative of startling and unexpected events, but not necessarily happy events. It also augments the contrarian instincts of Aquarius. Were Baldwin to be offered the number two spot on the ticket under this transit, I’m not sure that she would accept it.

But maybe she should. Saturn is getting ready to turn retrograde and it will be creeping back into Capricorn for most of the remainder of this year, but in Jan 2020 this planet will be moving forward (relative to the Earth) again and it will conjunct Baldwin’s natal Saturn. We call this a Saturn Return and it is definitely an auspicious aspect and often represents a major turning point in a person’s life. Being sworn in as Vice President of the United States would definitely qualify as such an event.

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