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Following the Moon: May 7, 2020MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the Apr. 22 New Moon (click here to see the article and the chart) I predicted that we would see more of the same with regard to the argument between those who want a quick reopening of the economy and the medical experts to say that would make the situation with Covid 19 even worse. That debate has certainly continued, with some states rushing to reopen, others continuing to clamp down and the President going back and forth with regard to whose side he is on.

I had expected to see a radical change, either in the international situation or involving the economy, because of the conjunction of the Sun and Moon to Uranus. That didn’t happen. Kim Jong un is apparently not dead and, even though we have the worst unemployment figures since the Great Depression, that was sort of expected.

The most Uranian thing to happen was the decision that Trump announced Tuesday to suspend his Covid 19 task force. That was certainly a surprise but considering this Gemini President’s previous waffling on these issues, there’s no guarantee that he won’t change his mind tomorrow. (I wrote this in the morning. Next time I checked the news, Trump has done exactly that, saying the the task force would remain "indefinitely".)


Those of us who were hoping for some sudden outbreak of clarity with the next lunation are, I fear, in for a big disappointment. Neptune, with its vagueness, its deception, its flimsy boundaries and foggy thinking has been dominant in the last two lunation charts and that trend is continuing with the May 7 Full Moon horoscope. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.)  Neptune, which is currently strong in its own sign (Pisces) is sextile the Sun, trine the Moon and square Venus which rules Taurus, the sign on the Ascendant of this chart.

This trend toward obscurity is furthered by the fact that the Sun is in the Twelfth House which is associated with confinement and things that are hidden from view. This places the Moon in the Sixth House of service and health. This indicates that the virus is going to continue on its grim course during the next two weeks, regardless of the actions of our leadership. The prominence of Neptune also tells us that there will be increased efforts to spin and obscure this advancement for political purposes but that's not going to get people off respirators or out of the morgue.

The placement of Mars in the Tenth House could signal increased belligerence from our leadership. This might be directed toward Iran or China or other country. Given the pervasive vagueness of this chart, however, I doubt the true nature of the beef will be known. Venus in the First House of this chart indicates that the American people are not going to disturbed by this. In fact, the general mood among the population is likely to be fairly positive, although I’m not sure why.