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Reconsidering Kamala Harris

Now that Joe Biden has established a search committee to help pick his VP nominee, we can probably expect a decision in the near future. So far, I’ve looked at possible nominees Stacey Abrams and Gretchen Whitmer. (Click on the names to see those articles.) Now I’d like to look at someone who just a few months ago was a contender for the top spot, Kamala Harris.

Among the many early contenders for the Democratic nomination, I particularly had a soft spot for Kamala Harris. First of all, we have a verified time of birth for her. Regardless of their politics, astrologers tend to prefer candidates for whom they have complete horoscopes. Secondly, in her secondary progressed chart, Harris has the progressed Sun passing over her Descendant. Donald Trump had a similar progressed aspect when he won in 2016.

Despite this progressed aspect, Harris’ campaign fell apart largely because she couldn’t decide whether she wanted a professional or a relative running it. (In case you haven’t guessed, Harris is a Libra by Sun sign.) Now, as someone often mentioned as a possible running mate with Biden, Harris has a couple of thing going her. Biden has been pressured to chose a woman of color, which she is, and she has nationwide name recognition. On the negative side, Harris is from California, a state that Democrats are already pretty certain of carrying.

Astrologically speaking the situation for Harris is even more mixed. (Click on Kamala Harris to see the chart.) Oddly enough the transits currently impacting her chart a quite similar to what we saw in the chart of Stacey Abrams. Where Abrams had transiting Jupiter square her natal Mars and Uranus, Harris has Jupiter square her Sun. Even though this is a hard aspect, it does describe an expansion of the ego. When you combine this transit with the secondary progression I mentioned, things seem to be looking pretty bright for Kamala Harris right now.

However, also like Stacey Abrams, transiting Saturn in Harris’ chart is saying, “Not so fast.” In Abrams chart, Saturn is conjunct her natal Venus. In Harris’ Saturn is square her natal Mercury. This could indicate some very bad news or a very weighty decision. Since Saturn is in Harris’ Eighth House, issues that are deeply personal and most likely secret are likely to be involved. Any expansion of Harris’ ego that Jupiter might engineer is going to also cause this Senator some pain.

Another strike against Harris is the fact that Neptune is currently transiting her Tenth House. Neptune obscures, indicating that this might not be the most auspicious time for Harris to be expanding her career goals. The fact that transiting Neptune is current moving toward a quincunx to her natal Mars brings this issue into sharper focus. Quincunx aspects are not, by themselves, deal breakers, but they can indicate irritations and problems that come at you from unexpected sources.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will be going retrograde in the near future. Neptune is also moving slowly and will turn retrograde in June. So all of these aspects are going to be around for the next couple of months. There are many other factors I could mention, both positive and negative, but most of them depend on the exact timing of Biden’s decision.

With the Jupiter transit and her secondary progression, Harris definitely has a lot going for her during the next few weeks. However, my opinion is that, even if she is offered the VP slot, Harris will not be altogether happy about it for some reason or another. It will likely be the level of that happiness that will, in the end, determine whether or not she is selected.

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