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Is Kim Jong-un Dead?KimJeong unImage

There’s been a lot of speculation over the past couple of weeks about the health and whereabouts of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. He missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, something that is apparently unheard of, and he has not been seen in public since. On top of this, there are rumors of an operation, possibly involving Kim’s heart, that went terribly wrong. People are wondering if Kim is still among the living.

Looking at this situation astrologically is complicated by the fact that, not only do we not have a time of birth for Kim, we’re not even completely sure of the year. Some sources say that Kim was born in 1983 and others 1984. In previous articles on Kim I have used a chart done for none for Jan. 8, 1983. (Click here to see that chart.) This time I’m also going examine the chart for 1984. (Click here to see that horoscope.)

First, let’s look at the 1984 chart. The fact that it shows Mars conjunct Pluto, an aspect I once dubbed the “monster” aspect because we frequently see it in the horoscope of people who commit acts of extreme violence, seems appropriate. After all, Kim allegedly ordered the murder of both his uncle and his older brother. We have two other powerful conjunctions in the chart, Venus conjunct Uranus and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Jupiter, but all the active, stressful aspects involve the Moon and, since this is a chart without a time of birth, the Moon's position might be six degrees off in either direction.

The transits to this chart are somewhat worrisome. In March Saturn was square to Kim’s natal Mars. By April 15 it had moved on to square his natal Pluto. Having transiting Saturn activating this very powerful conjunction could definitely signal a health crisis. The fact the Saturn is going to turn retrograde is a few weeks, while it is still square Kim’s Pluto and this backtrack into another square to his Mars indicates that any health problems he has now are not going away anytime soon.

The transits to Kim’s 1983 chart are also not so good. In that chart both Mercury and Venus are at two degrees of Aquarius. Saturn will be very close to a conjunction to these natal planets before it turns retrograde in May, but it won’t complete the aspects until later in the year. This could also indicate health issues but, without other strong indicators, it is not likely that such an issue would be life-threatening, at least not immediately.

There is, however, one thing about the 1983 chart that is alarming. The transiting North Node of the Moon (using the Mean Node) was conjunct the North Node in Kim’s natal chart on April 15. I have looked at a lot of death charts and aspects involving the Nodes of the Moon crop up quite often. Of course, we all get one of these conjunctions of the Nodes every twelve years or so. It’s not that special. Still, considering Kim disappearance from public view and the rumors that have been floated, it does make you think.

Basically, there is reason to think that Kim is going through some sort of health crisis no matter which chart you use for him. Unfortunately, without a complete horoscope that’s about all we can say. That might be embarrassing if it weren’t for the fact that both U.S. and South Korean intelligence have even less to say about the situation. They, like astrologers around the world, may have to wait until they put up a headstone for Kim to announce his demise and, maybe, find out the year of this birth.

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