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Reconsidering Stacey Abrams

Last August I wrote about Stacey Abrams and her chances of being picked as Biden’s VP. At that time I felt that her chances were slim. That was because during the Summer of 2020, when the Democratic convention will be held, Saturn will be square Abrams’ natal Mars. This is an aspect that would certainly block any initiatives. However, there are now rumors that Biden is set to announce his choice by May 1. This completely changes the dynamic.

First of all, let's take a quick look at Abrams’ horoscope. We do not have a time of birth or her so the chart has been done for noon on her date of birth. (Click on Stacey Abrams to see the horoscope.)

Not having a time of birth for Stacey Abrams is particularly frustrating because a lot hangs on the precise placement of her Moon. If she was born between midnight and around 9 AM, Abrams’ Moon would form a nice grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto. On the other hand, an afternoon birth would tighten the opposition of the Moon to her Sun, making her even more of a Full Moon baby. People born under a Full or New Moon often seem to have an extra level of energy.

Even without the Full Moon, however, there is still a lot of energy in this horoscope. Abrams is a Sagittarius by Sun sign, with Mercury and Neptune also in that sign and Mars in Aries. The chart has strong Fire sign feel, which is all about energy, initiative and excitement. Mars in Aries, in particular, tells us that Abrams is a highly competitive person who will never back down from a fight.

On top of that, Abrams’ Aries Mars is opposed by Uranus. This is not an easy aspect. It can produce a lack of consistency and a tendency toward rash and extreme actions. However, having her Mars activated by Uranus adds yet another gear to this already high energy horoscope. Abrams is not afraid to try the untried and go her own way. She has remarkable courage and a unique way of dealing with problems.

What’s going on in Abrams chart right now, and what changes the dynamic with regard to her chances of being picked as Biden’s running mate, is placement of transiting Jupiter square the opposition of Mars and Uranus in her horoscope. This is a hard aspect, but it is an aspect that favors longshots, and I see Abrams (who has never served in an executive office) a longshot. It is an aspect that could foretell a surprising turn of events and it definitely favors any initiative.

All is not sweetness and light, however. Another transit that is seriously impacting Abrams’ chart right now is the conjunction of Saturn to her natal Venus. This is an aspect that indicates disappointment. Typically, we would expect this disappointment to involve interpersonal relationships but for a politicians, what other people think of you can make or break your career.

Interestingly, both these transits will be a factor in Abrams chart until the end of June, so even if Biden doesn’t announce his pick next week, the suspense won’t end for Abrams. It all comes down to which transit is going to be the most powerful and without a complete horoscope is impossible to say. Still, I like Abrams’ chances now much more than I did last summer.