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Following the Moon: April 22, 2020MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the Full Moon chart for April 7 (click here to see the article and the chart) I said that the peak in the Covid 19 infection rate that many experts were expecting would not be as dramatic as some people feared. I think that, for the most part, that was the case. In fact, some people found the death rate from the virus during this period so unimpressive that they began protesting the means by which those numbers have been kept relatively low.

I had predicted that the square between Mars and Uranus in the Full Moon chart would bring us surprises. I had expected those surprises to be to some extent muted or concealed. One of the surprises certainly was. That was the announcement that Kim Jong Un was “in serious danger” after an operation. Since the source this information is unknown and not official, we can’t be sure of the true facts. Unfortunately, the other surprise was not so obscure. That was the mass shooting in Canada.

I also remarked on the aspects by Neptune to the Sun and Moon indicated deception or confusion. I link this to President Trump’s insistence that it was time to “reopen” the US economy and with the fact the governors of some states are following his lead and removing restrictions designed to limit the spread of the virus. This is not so much deception as pure Neptunian wrong-headedness. The protests against “shelter in place” rules in some states represents the same Neptunian influence, along with a bit of Mars square Uranus rebellion.

What is most remarkable about the New Moon chart for April 22 (click on New Moon to see the chart) is that it is, in many ways, a repeat of the last Full Moon horoscope. The Sun is once again in the Fifth House (now along with the Moon, of course) and Venus is prominent in the Seventh House. Also, Neptune plays a key role in this chart, forming a wide square with Venus and placed almost directly on the chart’s I.C. I take this to mean that trends that started during the last lunation period are going to continue to play out.

Along with its square to Venus, Neptune is in a close semi-sextile aspect to Mercury. This indicates that we are going to continue to see a push to put aside the rules designed to limit the infection rate of Covid 19 and “reopen” the economy. Medical experts are pretty much united in saying this is a really bad idea, but there are a bevy of Republican governors out there anxious to show the people who voted for them that they trust President Trump.

These moves aren’t likely to have immediate results. The true outcome of decisions made under the influence of Neptune are typically not readily apparent. Even if Trump and these governors are right, the financial benefits of “reopening” the economy will be slow in coming. If they are wrong, it’s going to take more than two weeks for the infection rate to balloon. In other words, the argument between the experts and the people longing to get back to a normal life is not going to change much during this next lunation period.

However, there will changes during this period. We can see that in the fact that the Sun and Moon or conjunct Uranus and square Saturn in Aquarius (the sign ruled by Uranus). Since the Sun, Moon and Uranus are in Taurus, a materialistic Earth sign, and Saturn is in the Second House, we might see a sudden and probably restrictive shift in the economy. Obviously, the US economy is already suffering because of the virus, but these aspects could indicate a new factor coming into play that will represent even more negative pressure.

Another possibility is that Kim Jong Un isn’t just in “serious danger,” that he is already dead or has been deposed (which would probably mean the same thing). That would represent a sudden (Uranian) shift in the political situation in Asia. Since we have Saturn involved in this aspect, it is likely that this change would have negative implications for the US and its allies. Instability in a nation that has nuclear weapons, can’t be good news. It could turn out to be the kind of major international crisis that neither the world nor the United States needs right now.

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