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Jupiter and the “Reopening” of the US Economy

It’s pretty obvious that the novelty of “social distancing” and “sheltering in place” and worn thin for most Americans. We’re all ready to go back to work, or at least go back to Walmart. President Trump says that America is going to reopen for business on May 1 but, let’s face it, no one other than a few reporters pays attention to what the President says any more. I decided to see what astrology might have to offer about the reopening of the US economy.

Even though it was not big news at the time, the spread of the Covid 19 virus started inching its way in the public consciousness around the same time that Saturn’s conjunction of Pluto became exact (on Jan. 12). By this time the epidemic in China had gotten the attention of the World Health Organization and the first case outside China was confirmed.

In the Sibly chart of the United States (click here to see the horoscope) Jupiter and Pluto are transiting the Second House of money. Even though we didn’t know it at the time, this spread of this disease was about to steamroll the then booming US economy. As I pointed out in a previous article, a lot of astrologers had been predicting that Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto would bring an economic downturn in the US even though no astrologer I know of predicted that a virus would cause it.

By March, when the severity of the pandemic was beginning to sink in, I predicted that the spread would peak around April 4, when transiting Jupiter made its first conjunction with transiting Pluto. I was off on this by a couple of weeks, but now we are finally beginning to see some decrease or at least a leveling off the infection rate. This is what’s got people looking forward to a return to something close to “normal” life.

One date that has been floated for the “reopening” of America (other than Trump’s May 1) has been May 15. Interestingly, Jupiter turns retrograde on May 14, indicating that there might be some significant movement on this front around that time. However, even though there will likely be some shifting in attitudes with Jupiter turning retrograde, I think a more realistic date will be around June 30, when Jupiter, moving retrograde, aligns with Pluto for a second time.

As we saw with the peaking of the infection rate in April, this is a change that is going to happen over a period of weeks. Increased testing for the virus will probably be one factor that will help it along. We might also see some sort of breakthrough in treatment. The main thing I expect from this Jupiter conjunction to Pluto is a change in the way we look at this pandemic. While the first conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto expanded our fear of the virus, I think (hope) that the second will give us an expanded sense that we have it under control.

However, even though I think the situation will significantly improve by July, I don't think that our fear of Covid 19 or a similar pandemic is going away anytime soon. It will be part of a new “normal” that we’re going to have to get used to. There might be some good news about this pandemic around Nov. 13, when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto for the last time. Maybe we'll get a vaccine. Of course, another possibility is that there will be a change in the political situation in the country around that time that will inspire increased confidence, However, that is a whole different issue.

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