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Looking at Governor Gretchen WhitmerWhitmerGIMage

A friend of mine recommended that I look at the horoscope of Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan who has won praise for her handling of the Coronavirus crisis and the ire of our President for not being nice enough to him. I was hesitant until I saw that the conservative “American Spectator” was running an article on Whitmer titled “The Worst Governor in America.” I decided that anyone on the receiving end of that kind of hyperbole had have an interesting horoscope.

Of course, one reason that Whitmer is getting a lot of attention is the fact that her name has been floated as a possible running mate for Joe Biden. The idea is that she could delivery her home state and its substantial number of electoral votes to  the Democrats. Of course, there are several women who are under consideration for this slot. What makes Whitmer stand out, at leastt as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that we have a complete horoscope with a time of birth for her. (Click on Gretchen Whitmer to see the chart.)

The most striking thing about Whitmer’s chart is the rather loose T-square involving Saturn and Neptune in a wide opposition with both of them square the Sun and Mercury and Neptune square Venus. There’s a lot of energy in this aspect system even though none of the planets involved are angular. However, the strongest aspects are not all the helpful. Neptune square the Sun can indicate a lack of firmness and resolve while Saturn square Mercury describes thinking that can be stilted and authoritarian.

On the other hand, the fact that Whitmer has the Sun in practical, no-nonsense Virgo counters the vagueness and dreaminess we sometimes see with Neptune square the Sun. Her Mercury is also in Virgo so, even though she is a person who favors firm intellectual boundaries, this will should not interfere with her flexibility and mental acuity.

Jupiter is also involved in this T-square in a provisional way. It squares the Sun and Venus. Whitmer has plenty of self-esteem, on some occasions, probably a little too much. She has the kind of expansive, outgoing personality that a politician needs, but she may have trouble turning it off from time to time. Again, the fact that her Sun in in Virgo should somewhat counter this tendency and help keep her grounded.

With Aries rising, Whitmer is a fighter. However, the fact that she has the Moon in Libra helps take the edge off this Aries aggressiveness. The Moon is close to her Descendant. This is often an indicator of popularity. One-on-one Whitmer is probably quite engaging.

Uranus is also placed near the Descendant and it is trine her Mars in Aquarius. Whitmer is someone who’s not afraid of going against conventional wisdom and taking dramatic, original actions. She has a kind of crazy courage that can both inspire and get her into a lot of trouble.

That’s a brief look at Whitmer’s horoscope. I also looked at her transits for the next year. Right now, transiting Uranus is trine her natal Mercury, which explains the extreme range in the attention she’s been getting. However, Uranus is moving on into Taurus and I don’t see any other dramatic transits between now and November, though the fact that she will have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto moving through her Tenth House during this period could indicate a change in her career options.

Whitmer’s secondary progressed horoscope looks a little more positive. Her secondary progressed Jupiter is currently square her natal Mercury and sextile her natal Moon. These are aspects that could bring Whitmer some good news before the year runs out. I would be more certain about Whitmer’s prospects as a VP choice if she had a strong transiting aspect to go with her secondary progressions. However, with all that activity in her Tenth House, I wouldn't put her out of the running.