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Astrology at Work: Linda Tripp

I don’t usually write about people who have recently died. Somehow, I feel that it is disrespectful. However, the recent death of Linda Tripp brings back memories of a trying time in our nation’s history and one that has special relevance to certain recent events, so I’ve decided to break my rule and take a look at Tripp’s horoscope. (Click on Linda Tripp to see the chart.)

Tripp’s chart shows some definite conflicts. She was a strong Sagittarian, with Sagittarius Rising and the Sun and Mercury in that sign, but the Sun in is the Twelfth House which made exercising the openness and free-wheeling tendencies of this sign hard for her. Adding to this is the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in her Ninth House. Tripp was a person with strong, inflexible principles. She had little of the “live-and-let-live” attitude that is typical with the Sun in Sagittarius.

Her Moon was in Capricorn, which adds to this inflexibility. However, it is conjunct Jupiter. On an emotional level she could be generous and engaging. The strongest aspects in Tripp’s chart focus on her Venus in Capricorn. Venus in this chart is square Neptune, trine Mars and Saturn, and quincunx Pluto. I’m have no knowledge about how these aspects impacted Tripp’s personal life but, since Venus is in the Second House of finance and rules the Tenth House of career, these practical matters were of paramount concern for her.

In January 1998, when Linda Tripp went to Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr with information about President Bill Clinton’s affair with a young intern named Monica Lewinsky, transiting Neptune was conjunct her natal Moon and Jupiter. As I’ve often said, making major decisions under a Neptune transit is always a dicey move. The outcome you expect is never going the be the outcome you get.

In Tripp’s secondary progressed chart, progressed Mars was close to her Midheaven and progressed Venus in was opposed to her natal Pluto during this period. Again, since Venus ruled Tripp’s Tenth House of career, going to Starr was definitely not going to advance her career in government service. As it turned out, two years later, on Bill Clinton’s last day in office, Tripp was dismissed from her post in the Pentagon.

So, astrologically speaking, Linda Tripp couldn’t have picked a worse time to do what she did. She also had to overcome the practicality of her Capricorn Moon and planets in the Second House. However, the combination of her inflexible principles and Sagittarian impulsiveness overrode these tendencies. Tripp made the decision she made and suffered the consequences.

Those consequences included being held up for public ridicule, having her personal appearance turned into a pop culture punch line and spending the rest of her life with her name associated with an affair that made most Americans, regardless of political preferences, feel a little dirty. It was not a comfortable place to be and reflective of both Neptune aspecting her Moon at the time she went to Starr and the placement of Neptune in the Tenth House of her horoscope.

The Tenth House has to do with our reputation, public image and legacy. Tripp’s was definitely Neptunian. On the one hand, she did the right thing by reporting the misbehavior of her boss, the President. On the other, the misbehavior was adultery, not the misuse of power for political or personal gain. A lot of people at that time saw Clinton’s actions as a personal matter that didn’t need to be aired in public. Then there was the issue of her illegally recording her conversation with Lewinsky. So, the image that the pubic had of Tripp was always two-sided and indefinite. It was easier to make fun of her that really consider the moral implications of her actions and this indefinite, Neptunian fog continues the cloud Linda Tripp’s reputation and her legacy.

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