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Following the Moon: Apr. 7, 2020MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the last New Moon (click here to see the article and the chart) I said that we would gain greater clarity about the situation with the Coronavirus during the last lunation period. I think that is true. Even President Trump seems to have recognized the seriousness of this disease. He abruptly dropped his predictions of an Easter turnaround and his comments are now more in line with what the experts are saying.

Of course, I also said that what would become clear would not necessarily be good news, and it isn’t. What we now know is that the peak of infections has yet to come and that things are likely to get a lot worse before they get better. Overall, this New Moon chart was positive but in these times “positive” is a relative concept. It might be a while before we like back on last two weeks as the “good ol’ days.”

I also predicted that congress would finally get a stimulus package passed that it would stop the bleeding on Wall Street, at least temporarily. One thing I didn’t foresee, however, was Trump’s firing the inspector general who handled the whistleblower complaint that got the President impeached. I missed the fact that Mars conjunct Pluto is a prime indicator of malicious revenge.

The chart for tomorrow’s Full Moon is sort of a mixed bag. (Click on Full Moon to see the horoscope.) It shows Venus strongly placed in the Seventh House. That would seem to indicate a pervasive sense of comradery and togetherness. However, Venus is trine both Mars and Saturn indicating that that comradery will come out of some serious aversity.

Also, in this chart we have the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. A few weeks ago I predicted that this aspect would coincide with the peak of the virus. However, in this Full Moon chart the conjunction is stuffed down in the inconspicuous Third House where is receives a weak sextile for Mercury. This makes me think that the peak the experts are looking for might not be readily apparent. That could be good news, though it could also indicate a prolonging of the epidemic.

The most dynamic aspect in the chart is Mars in a nearly exact square to Uranus. There will be surprises and sudden, unexpected changes during the next two week, but neither of these planets is strong by sign and, once again, their house placement describes events that are not obvious. It may be that surprises that might not seem that important at the time will prove to be game-changers at a later date.

The thing that most concerns me about this Full Moon chart is the Sun and Moon. They are placed in the Fifth and Eleventh House. These are not particularly strong placements though they do indicate a focus on entertainment and political maneuvering. However, the one planet aspecting both the Sun and Moon is Neptune, which is semi-sextile the former and quincunx the latter. This could indicate confusion, duplicity and deception, the very things that we cannot afford in the midst of this crisis.

Some experts are predicting that the next two weeks are going to be particularly bad. This chart seems to disagree, at least somewhat, with those predictions. But it also indicates that we have to be alert. There things that might not be readily apparent to us, that might be hidden in the subtext of what we are being told that could turn out to have shockingly significance later on.