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The (Partial) Horoscope of Dr. Andrew Fauci

One to the bright spots in this administration’s response to the Coronavirus has been Dr. Anthony Fauci who, as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, has become the point person for the President’s Covid19 task force. Even though Fauci’s expert opinions have been frequently contradicted by President Trump, Fauci has shown remarkable poise in this role and has become the voice of authority coming out of what has otherwise been a lot of mixed messaging.

We don’t have a time of birth for Dr. Fauci so the best we can do is a chart done for noon on his date of birth. (Click of Dr. Anthony Fauci to see the horoscope.) Fauci is a Capricorn by Sun sign with the Moon in Scorpio. He is definitely a focused individual and someone who keeps his personal opinions to himself. For a Capricorn the job, the mission or the task at hand is the only thing. Any concern that does not have a practical connection with that task is simply pushed to the side.

However, there is also a lighter side to Dr. Fauci. He has Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and his Sun is trine Jupiter. This is a person who can hold on to his Capricorn seriousness and still maintain a sense of  humor. Unlike many Capricorn’s, Fauci is a natural optimist and some of that optimism shows through even when the doctor is making dire predictions about the future course of this disease.

The most dynamic configuration in Dr. Fauci chart is the nearly exact opposition of his Mars in Scorpio to Uranus. Added to this we have Mercury, which is semi-sextile Mars and quincunx Uranus. Even though Capricorns are typical rather conservative folks, Fauci can both think and act outside the box. He has the capacity to be both precise and creative. This is a high energy aspect. It’s no wonder that even as he approaches his 80th year, Fauci is still going strong.

Currently in Fauci’s chart transiting Uranus is conjunct in natal Jupiter. In February, when the Coronavirus task force got rolling, Uranus was exactly trine his natal Sun. If Dr. Fauci was born at noon or an hour of so earlier, his Sun would be placed in the Tenth House of career and reputation. Having the Sun in the Tenth House trine transiting Uranus would be a classic indicator of a career breakthrough. However, if Fauci was born in the early morning, transiting Uranus would be opposed his natal Moon, an indicator of sudden and radical change.

One thing that is certain is that transiting Mars is moving into a semi-sextile to Dr. Fauci’s natal Sun. In the case of an early morning birth time, Mars would also be square his Moon. This is interesting because today we had news that security around the Director has been increased because, amazing as it might sound, he has received death threats. Mars semi-sextile the Sun could be an indicator of danger, but a weak one. Mars square the Moon, on the other hand, could make that danger much more immediate. Let’s hope the extra security works, or perhaps for a later time of birth.

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