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Donald Trump: Between Jupiter and a Hard PlaceTrumpMiddleImage

The messaging with regard to the Covid-19 virus has settled into a pretty clear pattern. On the one hand we have governors around the country and health officials in Washington worried about people getting sick and dying. On the other, we have Donald Trump worried about what the crisis is doing to the economy. Both these worries are legitimate, it’s just when you’re lying in a hospital bed on a ventilator the Dow Jones Average is not likely to be your chief concern.

Also, President Trump often differs with his advisors on the Corona virus and local officials in his optimism. This began early on in the crisis and it has become a constant refrain. “Don’t worry. In a couple of weeks it will all be over.” Of course, those weeks pass and the death toll keeps going up. And yet, Trump is now telling us that the country will be "open for business" by Easter. Where is all of this optimism coming from?

Right now, in Donald Trump’s chart, (click on Donald Trump to see the horoscope) we have two things going on. Transiting Pluto is opposite his natal Venus and Saturn while transiting Jupiter is currently opposed to Trump’s Saturn and within two degree of opposing his natal Venus. Jupiter opposing Venus is a particularly optimistic aspect. For some it is an aspect for falling in love. For others it is an aspect for focusing on material and physical pleasures. Of course, since the aspect is an opposition, there is always the possibility of going too far with these good feelings.

Another thing that these aspects do is emphasis the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in President Trump’s horoscope. Venus is in Cancer. Much is said about how “thin-skinned” the President seems to be, how strongly he reacts to criticism. This has a lot to do with Venus in Cancer. Venus in Cancer demands unconditional love and with that unconditional affection is withdrawn the person is apt to feel cheated and victimized.

Venus is Cancer is typically an indicator of empathy, but its conjunction to Saturn in Trump’s chart restricts that function. That’s alright. We all can’t be Mother Theresa. Unfortunately for the President, the current crisis highlights that lack of empathy. Here we see the influence of Pluto, which has a way of bringing us big problems that shine a bright light on all our least desirable qualities. Trump’s focus on the economy might seem callous to some, but he’s just following the tendencies laid out in his horoscope.

Last year, when transiting Jupiter was conjunct Trump’s natal Sun and opposed to his Moon, the Mueller Report was released and a shadow that darkened his administration for two years was lifted. Jupiter’s opposition to his Venus and Saturn has also given the President a boost. Despite his mixed messaging with regard to the crisis, Trump’s approval rating is as high as it has ever been, at 49%. More importantly, the Supreme Court, which was supposed to make a decision on the release of Trump’s tax returns in this session, is currently shut down until further notice because of the virus.

It’s interesting that President Trump mentioned Easter as the supposed turn-around date. The opposition of Jupiter to his Venus will be nearly exact on that date. So, even if the death toll from the Corona virus is still going up, Trump’s optimism will but undented. Jupiter will remain opposed to the President's Saturn and Venus through April, then the planet goes retrograde in May and will return to the aspect in June. Hopefully, by then, the virus will have abated and we’ll all have reason to agree with President Trump’s Jupiterian outlook.

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