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Following the Moon: Mar. 24, 2020

The last Full Moon chart (click here to see the article and the horoscope) had Neptune conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon and I predicted that we would be seeing a lot of misinformation with regard to the Corona virus. This has certainly been the case and, unfortunately, most of it seems to be coming from our president. However, I also predicted that other agencies would pick up the slack. That has turned out to the governors of various states who have come forth as voices of authority even as the White House has dithered.

I also predicted that there would be an “alienation of affection” involving people in the administration. I thought it might be the departure of another high level official. Instead, it seems to be taking place between President Trump and the health officials who keep contradicting him. The one big “fail” in my analysis of the last lunation chart was my fear that Mars sitting on the Descendant of that chart indicated extreme violence. Thankfully, I was wrong about this. Of course, the people who’ve been infected, along with the ones who have lost their jobs and otherwise had their lives turned upside down by this virus probably feel a bit like they've been punched in the face.

The chart for tomorrow’s New Moon (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) gives a little bit of good news. In that chart, we have Jupiter, Pluto and Mars locked in a heavy conjunction in the Twelfth House (which rules confinement). All three are trine Venus in the Third House of communication. This indicates that we are going to have more clarity with regard to information about this virus. We are going to see the truth about this pandemic. It might not be a pretty picture, but at least we’ll know what we’re up against.

The most striking thing about this New Moon chart, however, the fact that the Sun and Moon are almost exactly square the Nodes of the Moon. That might imply that we are in the hands of something like fate, a force beyond our control. Of course, this opens a whole can of worms with regard to karma and our debts and failings as a nation, but I’m going to leave those kinds of conjectures for other people. What this configuration tells me is that exertions of our will, or even our astrology, are not going to make much difference in this situation. We’re going to have to ride this wave to wherever it takes us.

That brings us to the fact that the  Sun and Moon are in the Second House of finance. As awful as the virus might be, it is likely going to be the damage it does to our economy that will endure. Again, there are those who will chalk this up to fate. They might be right, but I am encouraged by the fact that there are no hard aspects to the Sun and Moon (except for the square to the Nodes). I think this indicates that the markets will stabilize during the next couple of weeks and that the stimulus bill that is currently stalled in congress will finally pass and that it will at least stop some of the bleeding.

Oddly enough, considering the times we are living in, this is a fairly positive lunation chart. The only hard aspect is a square between Saturn and Uranus. What’s interesting is that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, which is on the Ascendant of this chart, while Uranus is the modern ruler. In other words, the two planets that could be considered “rulers” of the chart are at odds. I think this indicates that we will be facing questions about our identity as a nation during the next two weeks. Are we the world’s problem-solver, as we so often portray ourselves, or are we just another unfortunate nation about to be overwhelmed by this pandemic?

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