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The Corona Virus and the Horoscope for the USAFlagImage

The current pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus is a worldwide problem and we don’t really have a horoscope for the world. However, we do have horoscope for individual countries, including the United States of America. Considering the widening impact of the pandemic in this country and the inconsistent messages coming from some in the current administration, I thought I might be a good idea to look at that chart.

Right now transiting Pluto is within a degree of an opposition aspect to Mercury in the Sibly horoscope for the United States. (Click on Sibly to see the horoscope.) Saturn has just passed a conjunction with Pluto in the Sibly chart. It will turn retrograde in a few months and return to this aspect in August and November of this year. Pluto will remain within a couple of degrees of an opposition to the Sibly Mercury for the rest of this year and for most of 2021. Then, in 2022, it moves on to conjunct natal Pluto in the Sibly chart.

What these individual aspects describe is an aspect system that covers the next three years.  Overall, I think that the long term changes that this system will bring the country during this period will be positive. However, in dealing with this pandemic, I think that our concerns must be on changes in the shorter term. For that we have to look at transiting Jupiter.

Right now Jupiter is moving into a trine with Neptune in the Sibly. This is a positive aspect but it involves two planets that almost never get anything right on the first try. That explains the mixed messaging that we've seen in the past several days. However, we also seen various groups like the NCAA, the NBA and MLB that are typically concerned with making money, making decisions that sacrifice profits for the sake of maintaining public health. Also, we have seen government agencies at the state and city level take dramatic actions.

Neptune represents popular culture, the ideas and images that inspire and terrorized the public at large.  I think that this Jupiter aspect signals a change in those popular ideas and images, a new normal. Because of Jupiter expansive influence on Neptune, the American public is adopting this new normal with an alacrity that is truly amazing.

In late March and early April Jupiter will move on to conjunct transiting Pluto and oppose natal Mercury in the Sibly chart. I think that this is when we will see the peak of infections in the United States and learn if the "social distancing" actions taken by federal and local government and by businesses and other agencies, have had an effect. It will still be bad (Jupiter can expand bad stuff as well and good stuff) but, hopefully, our changes in attitude will help us deal with the onslaught of this virus.

Jupiter goes retrograde in May and will return to oppose the Sibly Mercury again in June. By this time will probably be seeing the virus receding as a worldwide threat and this could inspire changes in the attitudes of the American public and a return to the “old” normal. This will be particularly evident in July when Jupiter is trine the Sibly Neptune once again.

However, even though the virus might recede during the summer months, that doesn’t mean that it won’t come back once the weather turns cold again. Right on cue, Jupiter will be opposing the Sibly Mercury for the last time in November 2020. Unless we’ve some of those changes in our attitudes and behaviors permanent, we could find ourselves back in crisis mode at this time.

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