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Following the Moon March 9, 2020MoonImagePurple

I got some things right and some things wrong in my analysis of the New Moon for Feb. 23. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I thought we would have new scandal involving the entertainment industry. Instead we got the resolution of an old scandal, with Harvey Weinstein being sentenced. I was correct in saying that the field of Democratic candidates would be greatly narrowed though, with both Saturn and Pluto in "old" Capricorn, I should have guessed it would be the two old, white men who survived.

I saw nothing about the Corona virus in the New Moon chart. That’s not surprising. This is a worldwide crisis and I'm doing these charts for Washington D.C, So far, the U.S. has not been hit as hard as many other nations. I did predict that it would be a good two weeks for the administration. It could have been, but Donald Trump’s personal horoscope (which is not doing so well right now) got in the way. His remarks about the virus have undercut the government’s attempt of present a calm and authoritative response to the crisis.

We don’t need astrology to tell us that the virus is going to spread here in the U.S. All we need to do is look at what’s happened in China, Iran and Italy. What the Full Moon chart for March 9 tells us (click here to see the horoscope) is that misinformation about this situation is going to spread even faster. The Sun in this chart is in the Ninth House of broadcasting conjunct Neptune, with the Moon opposite in the Third House of communication. This describes confusion, misconceptions and maybe even outright deception in the messaging that comes to us both from the experts and from our neighbors.

This confusion will not necessarily be limited to information about the Corona virus. However, while we’ve grown used to this kind of duplicity in our politics and in popular culture, dealing with a public health crisis is a very different affair. Containing the spread of this disease is going to require a coordinated effort involving several different government agencies. It is going to also require the cooperation of the public. With Neptune fogging up the exchange of information, that coordination is going to be difficult to sustain.

The good news is that the Sun and Moon receive positive aspects from Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Hopefully, this will allow us to achieve some level of stability and effectiveness despite all the Neptunian inconsistencies and confusion in the messaging. It may be a matter of individuals working in those government agencies ignoring the bad and incomplete information and just doing what they are trained to do. Having the American public do the same and take sensible precautions would be even better.

Actually, the most worrisome feature in this chart does not involve Neptune. It is the placement of Mars on the Descendant. Along with being angular, Mars is strongly placed in Capricorn, one of its favorite signs. Any time I see Mars this strongly placed in a lunation chart I fear an outburst of violence. The Corona virus is currently adding another layer or pressure on some poor soul who’s already set to crack and happens to have an AK-47 lying around the house. With Neptune sextile Mars, let’s hope this guy decides work out his frustrations another way, like some particularly violent video game.

Another interesting feature in this chart is the conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus in the Tenth House. We associate the Tenth House with leadership and figures of authority. I wonder if we won’t see another significant departure from the Trump administration. Or this aspect could refer to remarks made by someone who’s already left. However it happens, an alienation of affection will be the likely result.