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Amy Klobuchar, Super Tuesday and Beyond

I more or less foresaw Pete Buttigieg’s withdrawal from the Democratic primary race, but I was totally taken by surprise by Amy Klobuchar’s decision to suspend her campaign. I had expected Tuesday to be a good day for her.  Of course, it might have still been a good day for Klobuchar. It isn’t all about winning delegates. I said that Klobuchar would be getting “good news.” That might have come to her in a hint or maybe even a promise from the Biden campaign. It might have sounded something like “Biden/Klobuchar 2020.”

Other than that, my predictions about Super Tuesday were pretty much on the money. (Click on Super Tuesday to see the article and the charts.) Mike Bloomberg was judged by Saturn crossing his Descendant and the judgement was a resounding “No.” It was sort of a judgement of the American electorate as well. Apparently, getting elected in this country isn’t just a matter of how much money you spend. Other qualities are required. That’s a refreshing notion.

Elizabeth Warren, as I predicted, also had a bad day. She couldn’t even win her home state of Massachusetts. With the race looking more and more like a two-person contest, people are wondering how long she will hang on. Warren is a Cancer by Sun sign and Cancers are tenacious. However, Cancer people are also sensitive to the winds of change and their tenacity has its limits.

I said that the aspects in Joe Biden’s secondary progressed chart indicated a continued resurgence in his prospects and that certainly happened. Depending on the results in California, he could come out of Super Tuesday with a slight lead in terms of delegates. In any case, he’s made up for his dismal showing in Iowa and New Hampshire. The question now is whether or not those secondary progressed aspects will be enough to overcome the negative qualities of Neptune crossing his I.C.

Once again, Bernie Sanders completely outperformed what we can see in his chart without a time of birth. I’m become more convinced that the speculative chart I did for him a while back might be correct. If it is, then Sanders is going to be hard to stop. However, in that speculative chart, Neptune will be nearing Sanders' I.C. as well, later this year. So we could have two candidates dealing with nebulous Neptune as the convention nears.

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