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What to Expect on Super TuesdayDonkeySymbol

So far the race for the Democratic presidential nomination has featured several shifts. In Iowa, it was Buttigieg who impressed. In Vermont and Nevada, it was Bernie Sanders. This weekend in South Carolina it was Joe Biden’s turn. However, the number of actual delegates these candidates won in those states was relatively small. Tomorrow that all changes. Fourteen states will hold primaries and the person who comes out the winner here could be well on his or her way to getting the nomination.

Let’s look at what’s happening the horoscopes of the six top contenders. (Click on the names of the candidates to see the horoscopes)

Joe Biden – Biden enters Super Tuesday with some momentum and some positive aspects. Transiting Jupiter is sextile his natal Mercury and transiting Mars will be sextile his natal Mars. However, the best news for Biden, and the astrology behind his big win in South Carolina, comes from positive aspects in his secondary progressed chart. His progressed Mercury is opposed to his Jupiter and his progressed Moon is square his natal Moon. These are hard aspects but they involve positive planets and I think they will help Biden come out a winner on Tuesday. The problem in his chart, as I’ve said before, the transit of Neptune across his I.C. This is going to cast a shadow over his candidacy all year.

Mike Bloomberg – No candidate has more on the line this Tuesday, both in terms of money spent and the fate of his candidacy, than does Mike Bloomberg. Since he skipped the early caucuses and primaries, Bloomberg is counting on a big showing on Super Tuesday to slingshot him into the lead. Transiting Neptune is currently sextile his natal Mars and Mars will be quincunx his natal Jupiter on Tuesday. These are mildly positive aspects. However, the big aspect for Bloomberg is the conjunction of Saturn to his natal Descendant. When Saturn crosses one of the angles of the horoscope you can expect a decisive moment. The problem for Bloomberg is that Pluto is also close to his Descendant. I may be wrong, but I see this as an indicator this decisive moment is not going to go his way.

Pete Buttigieg – I wrote most of this on Sunday afternoon. At that time I said of Mayor Pete’s chances, “the big aspect for Buttigieg right now is the conjunction of Saturn to his natal Sun . . . this is going to be a decisive moment for Buttigieg. When Saturn conjuncts the Sun we are made aware of our limitations.” Apparent Pete Buttigieg was ahead of me on that judgement. He withdrew from the campaign Sunday evening.

Amy Klobuchar --  Thus far Klobuchar has been hanging out on the lower end of the primary results. She doesn’t win but she doesn’t lose badly enough to think about quitting. On Tuesday she gets a couple of positive aspects. The Sun will be square her Mercury and transiting Mercury will be square her Moon. This has me thinking that she could get some good news. Also, her secondary progressed chart looks good, with the progressed Moon conjunct her Descendant and her progressed Sun quincunx her natal Jupiter. Klobuchar could turn out to be Super Tuesday’s big surprise. This might not be enough to put her on top, but it should at least get her out of the “also ran” category.

Bernie Sanders – As I’ve said many time, using a partial horoscope for Bernie (done for noon on his date of birth) I can’t see the reason why he’s doing as well as he is. That’s why I did a speculative horoscope for him as well. (Click on Sanders Alternate to see the article and the horoscope.) In that chart Sanders’ secondary progressed Sun is on his natal Ascendant, a very positive aspect. On Super Tuesday Jupiter will be quincunx his natal Jupiter another positive aspect. However, the other side of the coin is the square by Pluto to Bernie’s natal Mars. Sanders should do well on Super Tuesday. However, I still have serious concerns about both his health and his viability as a candidate, especially after Pluto turns retrograde in late April.

Elizabeth Warren – We don’t have a time of birth for Elizabeth Warren so there are limits to how much I can say (I haven’t yet tried to put together a speculative chart for her.) However, what we can see is that on Super Tuesday transiting Mercury is trine her natal Sun and Uranus which are conjunct (no surprise) in Cancer. However, transiting Mercury is also going to be opposed to Warren’s natal Saturn. I see this as a “good news, bad news” situation. I think that this indicates that Warren will win some delegates but probably not enough to give her candidacy the big boost it needs. In Warren’s secondary progressed chart, progressed Mars is square her Saturn. This is an aspect that pulls people down both physically and mentally. The fact that Warren has maintained a frenetic energy level and done as well has she has in this campaign with this aspect in the background is a testament to her work ethic and a strong indicator that, like Sanders, there are positive things going on in her chart that we can’t see without a time of birth.


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