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Harvey Weinstein is JudgedweinsteinImage

In the “Following the Moon” article I put up Saturday, I predicted that this New Moon was likely to give us a new Hollywood scandal. (Click here to see that article.) Instead, it seems that what we’re seeing is the ending of an old Hollywood scandal, with the conviction of Harvey Weinstein. Hopefully, that conviction has brought some degree of closure to the many women who were abused by Weinstein over the years. That is the main concern. However, it might also be interesting to see what’s going on in his horoscope.

I wrote about Harvey Weinstein a couple of years ago with the scandal first broke. In that article I discussed the square between Mars in Weinstein’s chart and Pluto. (Click on Harvey Weinstein to see the article and a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) This is an aspect that often turns up in the charts of people who commit extreme acts designed to establish or prove their power over another individual. Of course, this is not always the case, but it is a definite and unhappy trend with this aspect.

At the time Weinstein was sentenced transiting Venus, at 19 degrees of Jupiter, was closing in on a conjunction to Weinstein’s natal Jupiter and an opposition to his natal Neptune. At the same time, transiting Jupiter, at 18 degree of Capricorn, was nearing a square to both Weinstein’s natal Jupiter and Neptune (as well as transiting Venus). Since we don’t have a time of birth we don’t know where the Jupiter to Neptune opposition is placed in Weinstein’s chart, but obviously it is being heavily activated.

Jupiter opposed to Neptune in a natal chart is not necessarily a bad aspect. It is a visionary aspect. It denotes a person who can see past the obvious and dreamss big. Obviously, this aspect had a lot to do with Weinstein’s success as a movie producer. Unfortunate, Jupiter opposed to Neptune can also create situations in which the person sees, not just past the obvious, but also past the facts. You assume that your big dreams make small realities, particularly the small realities of other people, unimportant.

When I saw that it was Venus and Jupiter (two planets that are generally considered to be benevolent) that were activating Weinstein's natal aspect, I was a bit confused. Then I noticed that the square between Mars and Pluto in Weinstein’s chart was actually tied into his Jupiter to Neptune opposition. Mars, at 19 degrees Scorpio, is sextile Neptune and trine Jupiter. Pluto, at 18 degrees of Leo, is semi-sextile Neptune and quincunx Jupiter. When transiting Venus and Jupiter activated the Jupiter to Neptune opposition in Weinstein’s chart, it activated this whole complex.

The benevolence of Venus and Jupiter can be seen in the fact that Weinstein was not convicted of the worst charges brought against him, the ones that could have resulted in a life sentence. But he is still looking at serious prison time. Personally, I believe that if we had a complete horoscope for Harvey Weinstein we would see that transiting Mars, Saturn and Pluto are also playing role. However, Venus does represent balance and Jupiter legal justice so, in that regard, Weinstein’s aspects for today were thoroughly appropriate.

My guess is that, even with this verdict, Harvey Weinstein still doesn’t see himself as doing anything wrong, that he is still living the Jupiter/Neptune dream that his power should have made him immune from any consequences for his criminal actions. That’s a nice dream, but it’s not going to be of much comfort to Mr. Weinstein when he’s sitting in a jail cell.

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