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Following the Moon: Feb. 23, 2020

I said that the Full Moon chart for Feb. 9 (click here to see the article and the chart) predicted a relatively quiet two weeks and I think that we've had that. There some fireworks at the Democratic debates but that’s to be expected. (Remember how nasty the Republican debates got back in 2016.) Fortunately, the massive display of violence that I worried about did not happen. Instead we had a tiff between Attorney General Bill Barr and President Trump.

That was actually foretold in the Full Moon chart. I just missed it. I took the placement of the Moon in the Ninth House,trine Mars as an indication of violence involving American interests abroad. However, the Ninth House also rules the law, courts and attorneys. The Mars aspect described conflict but the aspect was a trine so the conflict resulted in no changes. In fact, some people think that the apparent disagreement between Barr and Trump was simply a bit of theater to make Barr appear independent.

If you were feeling bored during the last couple of weeks, you’re going to love the New Moon chart for Feb. 23. (Click here to see the chart.) It’s an action-packed piece work. At the same time, however, the aspects in the New Moon chart are predominantly benign which seems to describe lots of activity that will result in something positive for the nation as whole.

The Sun and Moon in this chart are in the Tenth House representing our leadership. Both are sextile Mars, which is strongly placed in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is also trine Mars. This indicates that the energy from these very intense aspects is going to be centered on our government and on figures of authority. This should be a relatively positive two weeks for the administration, though the aspects describe sudden and drastic changes that will create instability. Instability in government institutions is rarely a completely good thing.

The fact that the Sun and Moon are in an angular House indicates that some matters will be brought closer to completion or closure. I think that this has to with the Democratic primaries and Super Tuesday, which is on March 3. Some of the Democratic contenders are going to emerge from of this two week period stronger than ever and some are going to emerge defeated. The choices facing voters are definitely going to be narrowed.

The one major aspect that is not centered on the Sun and Moon in this chart is the nearly exact square from Jupiter in Capricorn to Venus in Aries. It’s a stressful aspect involving two positive planets. However, Venus is unhappy in Aries and Jupiter is not at its best in Capricorn, so the planets are not as positive as they might otherwise be. Also, Neptune is involved, making a sextile aspect to Mars and a semi-sextile to Venus.

The aspect describes excesses that fail to satisfy and that eventually lead to a bad end. It also describes tarnished glamor and a lack of common sense. This could be taken as an indication of a new scandal, possibly involving a person from the entertainment industry. However, Venus rules the Ascendant in this chart, so the real scandal could be our complacency as a nation in the face of emerging threats of interference in our upcoming election.