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Speculating About Bernie SanderssanderBImage

As I have pointed out several times, the partial (done without a time of birth) horoscope for Bernie Sanders makes no sense to me. Right now, Pluto is square his Venus and his Mars. Last month, when Saturn aligned with Pluto, both were square these planets in Sanders’ chart. Pluto will remain square his Mars for the rest of the year. With all this going against him, how is it that Sanders’ presidential campaign is doing so well?

The answer has to be that there is something else going on that we can’t see in the partial horoscope. We could solve this mystery if we had a time of birth. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders’ birth certificate does not include a time of birth and the times that have been offered are based on hearsay and conjecture. A couple of weeks ago I had some fun building a speculative horoscope for Pete Buttigieg that explained his rise in the polls. It seems that I have no choice but to try the same thing for Bernie Sanders.

What I’m doing here is not a rectification. A rectification requires taking the events of a person’s lifetime and matching them against various astrological factors. It is grueling process requiring hours of work and study. However, the biggest problem with rectification is that different astrologers using different techniques and different criteria can come up with different rectified horoscopes. Astro-Databank lists three rectified horoscopes for Bernie Sander, all with different times of birth. The chart I’m doing is purely speculative.

I started out with the idea that there must be something happening with Bernie Sanders’ horoscope that is so positive that it is balancing out those extremely negative transits. It has to be something with a relatively long duration, because Bernie’s surge in the polls started shortly after his heart operation back in October. In fact, we might even take it back to Bernie’s first run in 2016, when he surprised everyone by challenging Hilary Clinton.

This got me thinking about secondary progressions. Secondary progression are based on the movement of the planets after your birth. The movement of one day is made equal to a year of life. This means that progressed aspects can last a long time. My first instinct was to look at Jupiter. Jupiter expands and brings good fortune. George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000 with his secondary progressed Jupiter crossing his I.C. Unfortunately, Jupiter turned retrograde shortly after Bernie Sanders’ birth and has barely shifted from it natal position in his secondary progressed horoscope.

Then I thought of the Sun. Donald Trump had his secondary progressed Sun crossing his Ascendant back in 2016. It was good time to increase his public profile. When I started experimenting with Sanders’ secondary progressed chart I saw that the Sun was in the early degrees of Sagittarius right now. Then I noticed that his natal Uranus is opposite these degrees in Gemini. Uranus is all about revolution and disrupting the status quo. It made sense that in Bernie Sanders’ horoscope Uranus would be significantly placed.

The chart I came up with has three degrees of Sagittarius rising. (Click on Bernie Alternate to see the chart.) I like it because it places Uranus close to his Descendant. In 2016 Sanders’ progressed Sun was opposite Uranus, indicating a sudden change in his status. Right now his progressed Sun is crossing the Ascendant of this speculative horoscope, explaining his continued success.

Another thing I like about this chart is that it places Sanders’ natal Sun in the Ninth House of education and philosophy. Sanders’ is definitely a man of ideas, which is unusual for Virgo Sun sign. The Moon and Mars in his speculative chart are conjunct in Aries, describing a fighter, which Bernie definitely is. Jupiter is strongly placed square his Sun, describing a person who present his ideas emphatically and with great certainty.

The one bad thing about this chart, at least as it relates to the fate of Sanders’ campaign, is that transiting Neptune will be crossing the I.C. starting in April and continuing into September. This is the same kind of aspect that I predicted would raise questions about the viability of Joe Biden. It will be interesting to see if Sanders’ campaign begins to fizzle around this time, possibly because of vague, Neptunian doubts about his electability.

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