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Compatibility Study: Scarlet Johansson and Colin Jost

To get away from the politics for a bit and into the mood for Valentine’s day. I decided to pick a couple in the news and look at their astrological compatibility. There are several notable couples out there to choose from, but for pure “cuteness” none tops Scarlet Johansson and Colin Jost. (Click on Johansson/Jost to see a double chart with Johansson's horoscope done for noon in the middle and Jost’s done for noon on the outside.)

There are several levels to judging compatibility. The first is determining how the signs occupied by the personal “planets” in the two charts work together. Johansson is a Sagittarius by Sun sign while Jost is a Cancer. Typically, this is not a good combination. Sagittarians tend to be a little rough and tumble for sensitive Cancers. His Moon in Libra is also somewhat at odds with her Moon in Scorpio. He’s not going to always be able to deal with depth of her emotions.

However, when we reverse the equation and compare Sun signs to Moon signs, things look better. Jost’s Cancer Sun finds comfort in Johansson’s Scorpio Moon, while her Sagittarius Sun has the kind of playfulness and openness to new ideas that will naturally attract Jost’s Libra Moon.

Moving to Mars and Venus, Johansson’s Mars in Aquarius fits well both Jost’s Mars in Libra and his Venus in Gemini. Sexually, they are very compatible. Nonetheless, her Venus is Capricorn might be something of a spoiler. It agrees with neither Jost’s Venus nor his Mars. This indicates that there will be times when her practical, earthy attitude toward sexual matters will conflict with his more intellectual approach.

Since we don’t have a precise time of birth for either party, we can’t compare Ascendants or house placements. (We have a birth announcement for Scarlet Johansson saying that she and her twin brother were born in the morning, but we don’t know what time in the morning. I’m using a chart done for noon to keep everything even.)

The second level of compatibility is a little more complex. We look at aspects between the two charts. Sign comparisons are general. With aspects we are getting to specific connections between the two people. I typically use a tight orb for these aspects, no more than three degrees, and I pay particular attentions to the aspects that are within a degree.

The first aspect that jumps out at us is the conjunction of Jost’s Uranus to Johannson’s Sun. She sees him as an unique individual whose influence on her life has been revolutionary. He excites her, which is a good start for any relationship.

Next, we have Jost’s Mars trine Johansson’s Jupiter. This is a positive for their sexual relationship but, on a more general level, it indicates that the relationship has an expansive influence on Jost’s ego.
His Venus is trine her Mars, both by sign and aspect (with an orb of less than two degrees). This kicks their sexual compatibility up another couple of notches. Regardless what else happens in the relationship, they will remain passionate for one another.

It is interesting that the South Node of the Moon in Jost’s chart is conjunct Jupiter in Johansson’s. A lot of astrologers would see this as indicating that these two people had a relationship in a past life, perhaps that she played a beneficial role is one of Jost’s previous incarnations. I typically stay clear of references to past lives. (Most of us have all we can handle with this one.) Still, it is intriguing.

There are other levels to judging the romantic compatibility of two people. One is determining how committed each party is to maintaining an enduring relationship. Another is seeing what tendencies in each person’s horoscope will allow him or her to deal with those factors that impede compatibility. (Often it not what causes us to love a person the kills a relationship, it how we handle the things that make us hate him or her.) Unfortunately, without a complete chart we can’t get to those levels.

Judging from just these first two levels, however, the relationship between Jost and Johansson seems to have a lot going for it. The fact that they recently announced their engagement comes as no surprise. The multiple close aspects between their charts indicates that their lives are intertwined. What they do with this strong connection will depend on those levels that we can’t see.

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