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Following the Moon Feb. 9, 2020MoonImagePurple

The last New Moon chart was extremely active (click here to see the article and the chart) and we’ve had an incredible active two weeks. However, as I predicted, all that excitement sort of fizzled when Republicans in the Senate did the thing that everyone expected them to do and acquitted President Trump without calling witnesses. As I said, the aspects in that New Moon chart described people fighting to maintain their delusions.

I also predicted that we would have some Uranian surprises and we did. First there was the leaked material from John Bolton’s upcoming book. Here we had a person was “in the room” when the Ukrainian caper went down and was ready to tell all. This created excitement for a while. People living in a pre-2016 reality couldn’t see how the Senate could pass up hearing from such a witness, but they did.

The second Uranian surprise occurred when Iowa held their caucus. There’s nothing Uranus loves more than fiddling with our tech, and the Iowan got a full dose of that. A lot people saw this as a momentous event but, as we begin to experiment with ways to avoid having our voting system hacked, these snafus are bound to crop up. Let’s just hope that we have a better handle on the process by the time we get to November.

This brings us to the Full Moon chart for Feb. 9. (Click here to see the chart.) Apparently the universe has decided that we’ve had enough excitement for a while, because this is about the quietest lunation chart that I’ve ever seen. Other than the opposition of the Sun and Moon (which is what Full Moon is) there are no hard aspects and no strong aspects of any sort. The chart seems to describe a period of relative calm.

However, astrologers tend to be worry warts and I have to find something ominous even in this relatively quiet horoscope. I’m a little concerned about Mars, which is prominent in the First House and makes a wide trine to the Moon and a wide sextile to the Sun. Mars is also semi-sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This is considered a minor aspect but it is nearly exact and Saturn is at its strongest in Capricorn.

All this indicates that our peaceful interlude could be ruined by acts of violence. Of course, this is America and no day goes by without someone somewhere getting shot, it’s going to have to be a pretty horrendous event to get our attention. Since Mars is trine the Moon, which is in the Ninth House of foreign affairs, American interests on foreign soil might suffer a terrorist attack. Whatever happens, I don’t think it will cause a major shift in direction. That will have to wait for the much more exciting lunation chart we can expect two weeks from today.