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A New (Speculative) Horoscope for Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg’s strong showing in the Iowa caucuses surprised a lot of people, including me. In my predictions about the caucuses (click here to see that article) I was pretty much on the money for every candidate except Mayor Pete. (And Michael Bennet, who I thought would show some life but clearly didn’t.) That got me to take another look at the partial horoscope (done without a time of birth) we have for Buttigieg.

I had thought that having transiting Saturn square his natal Pluto and transiting Pluto square his natal Saturn would sink Buttigieg’s chances on Monday. He also had a transiting Jupiter square his natal Mars on caucuses day and the Sun trine his Mars, but I didn’t think that these aspects would give him the help he needed to overcome these two very negative, long term squares.

When I looked at the chart again I noticed that Uranus in Taurus is currently forming a quincunx aspect to Buttigieg’s natal Uranus. This is not a very important aspect, but I also noticed that in the noon chart Buttigieg’s Moon is on the last degree of Scorpio, not far from his natal Uranus. A quincunx from transiting Uranus to a person’s natal Uranus might not be much, but a quincunx to both Uranus and the Moon could signal the kind of surprising turn events we saw on Monday.

So I tinkered with the chart. I moved it forward an hour at a time until I got the Moon at two degrees Sagittarius, conjunct Buttigieg’s natal Uranus. The resulting chart pleased me. Not only did the conjunction of Moon and Uranus make sense (Buttigieg is a unique person) but I liked the fact that Leo was rising, Jupiter was close to the IC. .and Mercury was on the Descendant. The placement of the Sun in the Sixth House is not an automatic indicator of prominence, but it worked out alright for Barack Obama.

Then I noticed that the Midheaven in this 7:00 PM chart was in the early degrees of Taurus. That made it very likely that transiting Uranus, which is currently at two degrees Taurus, would be near it. When Uranus crosses a person’s Midheaven it is a strong indicator of a change in their status. It is a time for bold action. It’s not a guarantee of success (Uranus deals out pain and pleasure with equal alacrity) but in does signal an extremely active period in a person’s life. (By the way, Uranus will be in the early degrees of Taurus throughout 2020.)

If you would like to compare the two charts, click on Buttigieg Noon or the noon chart and Buttigieg 7PM for the 7PM chart. Keep in mind that this is not a rectification. The 7pm chart is totally speculative. However, in his book, “Shortest Way Home,” Buttigieg states that he was born at night and AstroDatabank reports a claim that Buttigieg told someone at a book signing that he was born at 7:11. Since the source of the information is unknown, ADB considers it unreliable. I agree with that assessment, though have to admit that when I saw this I suddenly got much more interested in this speculative chart.

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