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The Iowa CaucusesDonkeySymbol

We’re coming up on the time of year when everyone with a political mindset is focused on Iowa, where the first step toward choosing the Democratic nominee will be taken. I thought it might be fun to rundown the transits on Feb.3 (the day of fhe caucuses) for the top Democratic candidates. Click on the candidates name to see his or her chart.

Joe Biden – Right now Neptune, which will be crossing Biden’s natal I.C. throughout this year, has temporarily pulled back from that position. This aspect will make it difficult for Biden to define himself clearly to voters, but at present I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Instead, Biden has transiting Saturn opposed to his natal Jupiter. I think that this could cut into Biden’s popular appeal and hurt him in these caucuses.

Bernie Sanders – Sanders has been surging recently and, since we do not have a complete horoscope for him, I’m not sure why. On caucus day Mars will be sextile Bernie’s Venus. I think this means that he will have at least a moderately good showing. However, Pluto is currently square his Mars. Another health crisis could be on the horizon.

Elizabeth Warren – As with Sanders, we do not have a complete horoscope for Elizabeth Warren. Therefore I can’t exactly say why her candidacy, which was surging a few weeks ago, is now in the doldrums.  On Feb. 3 the transiting Sun will be opposite her Pluto and Mercury will be opposite her Saturn. This indicates more bad news for Warren. However, Mercury will also be trine her natal Sun, indicating that she’ll do just well enough to keep her hopes alive.

Amy Klobuchar – With transiting Mercury sextile her natal Jupiter, Klobuchar seems likely to get some encouraging news out of this caucus day. However, Mercury is also moving into a square with her Moon, so part of the message is going to be that she still has a lot of work to do.

Pete Buttigieg – It’s interesting that Buttigieg has raising a lot of money recently. Jupiter is square his Mars, telling a story of bounty that fuels struggle. However, even though we don’t have a complete horoscope for Buttigieg and I can’t see everything, his aspects for caucus day are pretty dismal. Saturn is square his natal Pluto and transiting Pluto is square his natal Mars. Unless there’s something else going on his chart that’s very positive, Iowa could represent a major setback for his campaign.

Andrew Yang –I don’t know how well Yang expects to do in Iowa, however, with transiting Jupiter opposing his natal Saturn on caucus day, he’s unlikely to make a huge showing. That may not bother him. Yang currently has Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun. He’s armored against disappointments and prepared for the long haul.

Michael Bennet – Bennet has not gotten a lot of attentive and we don’t have a complete horoscope for him, but what I can see of his partial horoscope seems pretty positive for Feb. 3. Transiting Jupiter is currently trine his natal Uranus. This is a lucky aspect and it could lead make Bennet this year’s Iowa surprise.

John Delaney – As I was writing this John Delaney dropped out of the race. Good thing too. His transits for Feb. 3 were awful.

Tom Steyer --  Steyer has been trying to convince voters that the fact that he’s a billionaire qualifies him to be president. His aspects on caucus indicate that the voters in Iowa aren’t buying this idea. Saturn will be opposite his natal Venus, restricting his popularity. Also, transiting Uranus square his Mars, indicating that Steyer’s plan of action is about to be disrupted.

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