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I don’t know if John Bolton ever gave himself a superhero name as a child (or as an adult) but he's beginning to take on superhero attributes among the opponents of President Trump. Thanks to some teasers from his upcoming book that somehow found their way to “The New York Times,” it now appears that Bolton might something crucial to say about the Ukraine matter. His testimony, if it is ever allowed to happen, could turn out to be the Trump Kryptonite that Democrats have been hoping for.

When I wrote about Bolton back in November (click here to see the article) I said that the aspects impacting his chart at that time would incline him toward caution but by January, when Pluto moved within a degree of a square to his natal Venus, he might be in the mood for a little revenge. When Bolton left his job as National Security Adviser back in September, President Trump couldn’t resist throwing a little shade his way. What Trump didn’t realize was getting the last word in an argument with a Scorpio isn’t just difficult, it’s dangerous.

Of course, we still don’t know if Bolton will be allowed to testify in the Senate trial. That would require the votes of four Republican Senators and, so far, Trump’s grip on his party seems to be ironclad. Getting at the truth is really not a concern. Any Republican who votes to allow witnesses is gambling with his or her political future. It still seems unlikely that Bolton’s testimony, no matter how damning it might be, would be enough to put an end to the Trump presidency, so any defector would likely be facing the rage of a Trump scorned after the trial is over.

On the other hand, President Trump as his own problems. His transits for the rest of the year are not good. (More about that later.) We also have aspects coming up in the horoscope of the United States that could spell trouble for the economy. Republican Senators, particularly those up for reelection in November, could find themselves facing an angry electorate with burning questions about their votes to acquit the President.

Tomorrow, Saturn will move within a degree of an opposition aspect to Donald Trump’s natal Venus. This is one of the difficult aspects that the President will be dealing with during the next ten months. It is an aspect that tends to put a damper on a person’s popularity. Obviously, this is not the kind of aspect a politician running for reelection wants to have. This will be a problematic period for Trump and it could begin with a few Senators deciding in the next couple of days to risk the President ire and put their conscience above their desire for reelection. I know that seems unlikely but the astrology of the situation does give it a fighting chance. Besides, I want to see what kind of costume Bolton wears during his testimony.