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Following the Moon: Jan. 24, 2020MoonImagePurple

The Full Moon chart for Jan. 10 featured some fearsome aspects (click here to see the article and the chart) but fortunately for us the prominence of Venus in that chart won out. We managed to dodge a potential war with Iran without further conflict. As I said in my analysis of that chart, the placement of Venus in the Tenth House indicated that the leadership of neither the U.S. nor Iran wanted a war and, at least for the time being, that has been enough to maintain the peace.

But who’s thinking about Iran now? It’s all about impeachment and the trial in the Senate. I thought that there would be more wrangling between Mitch McConnell and the Democrats before the Senate trial began, but the wrangling has continued even though the trial is underway, with Democrats complaining about the rules McConnell has imposed and the question of whether witnesses will be called still up in the air.

I think this all has to do with the placement of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all in the Eighth House of the Full Moon chart. The Eighth is about suspicion, blaming and hidden agendas, and we’ve seen plenty of that as this trial has gotten underway, but it is not about bring issues to a conclusion. For that we look at planets in the angular houses.

As it happens, the New Moon chart for Jan. 24, 2020 (click here to see the horoscope) features the Sun and Moon in the angular Seventh House. They form a hard, 90 degree aspect to Uranus, which is in the angular Tenth House. Then we have Saturn and Pluto, which are just a bit past a one degree orb in their conjunction but still close together. In this chart they are sitting in proximity with the cusp of the Seventh House. An argument could be made that they are also angular in this horoscope.

With all those angular planets it does seem that, at least with regard to the Senate hearings, matters will be brought to a conclusion during the next two weeks. However, that conclusion can take a couple of different forms. The Republicans can go through the motions of having a trial and then declare the President not guilty, or enough of them could join the Democrats is requesting witnesses. This would send the trial in a completely different direction, one that could be extremely dangerous for Donald Trump.

Personally, I’m betting on the first possibility. I say this because Mars is square Neptune in this chart which describes people willing to fight in order to maintain their delusions. The conjunction of Venus to Neptune indicates a desire for peace and a willingness to allow these proceeding to draw to what most people have long felt to be a forgone conclusion.

However, that still leaves us with Uranus square the Sun and Moon. If the Senate trial doesn’t give us this Uranian surprise, what will? Could we have another outbreak of violence with Iran? Kim Jong Un’s Christmas present for the U.S. apparently got lost in the mail. Will it suddenly show up on our doorstep? Or could there be further developments in the Ukrainian affair? There could also be a new scandal involving people in leadership positions (since Uranus is in the Tenth House).

As I always say, predicting Uranus is a fool’s errand since unpredictability is part of the planet M.O. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that, even with foregone conclusions, this is going to be another explosive two weeks.