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Martin Luther King: A Capricorn Leader

There are different styles of leadership. For the past three years we’ve seen a dramatic demonstration of one style, one that features plenty of bluster and the bold use (some might say abuse) of power. But there are other ways of leading that are quieter and more circumspect.

Martin Luther King was a Capricorn by Sun sign. His birth time has been given as noon. (Click on Martin Luther King to see the chart.) It is unlikely that he was born precisely at 12 PM, but even a time ten minutes off one way or another would place his Sun near the Midheaven of the chart. This is an indicator of leadership. It tells us that this person will be looked at by his peers and his community as a leader, whether he likes it or not.

The problem is that leadership does not come naturally to Capricorns. Capricorns are doers. They are oriented toward results, not glory. Capricorns typically have great organizational skills, but they rarely brag about those skills. They let their accomplishments and successes speak for themselves and quite often they do. When you find a Capricorn person in a leadership position it is typically because he or she knows better than anyone else how to get stuff done.

The only close aspect to King’s Sun in Capricorn is a semi-sextile to Saturn. Since Saturn rules Capricorn, this strengthens those Capricorn tendencies. However, Saturn is also in one of the most significant aspect systems in the chart: a T-square with Saturn opposed to Mars and both square his Moon in Pisces.

Saturn oppose Mars is an aspect for caution, sometimes too much caution. Fortunately, Saturn and Mars in King’s chart are in Mutable signs (Sagittarius and Gemini). This means that instead of the energy of Mars getting bogged down by Saturn’s caution and fear of failure, there is room for negotiation between the two planets.

The point of negotiation between Saturn and Mars in this chart is King’s Moon, which is in Pisces. The Moon in Pisces is a dreamy placement and it is no accident that Martin Luther King’s most famous speech was about a dream. Capricorns don’t usually waste their time chasing dreams. Their interested in deeds done in the real world. But having the Moon in Pisces made King both a realist and a dreamer.

It was his dreams that allowed Martin Luther King to bring the opposing aims of Mars and Saturn together. Mars made King a fighter. Saturn made him a non-violent fighter, a fighter who believed that small victories and tactical advances were a better path to change than revolution. During his lifetime M.L.K. was criticized by other civil rights leader, even some in his own organization, for being too cautious but he knew the only way that his dream could ever be realized was by listening to both Mars and Saturn.

Because of his Capricorn Sun and the T-square with Saturn, Mars and the Moon, Martin Luther King was a cautious leader and a modest leader. There is no place for bombast or braggadocio in this horoscope. On this day when we celebrate his legacy, King presents us with a style of leadership that seems to be going out of style, not just in this country, but around the world. However, what Capricorn knows is that it is real accomplishments and real progress, not “spin” or fabricated photo ops, that endure.

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