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The Impeachment Ball Bounces into Mitch’s CourtMcConnellImage

Now that it looks like Nancy Pelosi is about to turn over the impeachment process to the Senate, all eyes are on the wily boss of that body, Mitch McConnell. McConnell has already made it clear that a Senate trial would in no way be impartial. He has been openly conferring with the White House on how to handle matter. However, true his Pisces Sun sign, McConnell has been less than precise about what he plans to do.

As we might expect, McConnell’s horoscope (like that of President Trump) is currently being hit by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. (Click on Mitch McConnell to see a chart done for noon on McConnell’s date of birth.) The two planets are trine McConnell’s natal Saturn. Previous to this, both planets were trine his natal Mars (using a one degree orb). Pluto has been trine McConnell’s Mars since the impeachment inquiry in the House began in September.

Since we don’t have a time of birth for Mitch McConnell there is much we can’t see in his horoscope, but it is clear that the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in his natal horoscope has been activated by both transiting Saturn and Pluto. That will continue though the month of January. Mars conjunct Saturn is a conservative aspect and it occurs in a conservative sign, Taurus. We can see this as confirming McConnell’s political philosophy, but it also gives us a hint as to his motivations.

When Mars is conjunct Saturn the combative energy of Mars is focused and channeled by rules, standards and a need to win the approval of figures of authority. What’s interesting about the aspect in McConnell’s chart is that Mars is also conjunct Uranus. The Uranus conjunction, in many way, completely contradicts what the Saturn conjunction tells us. This is why McConnell’s reading of the rules of the Senate and the Constitution is sometimes so creative (such as when he refused to consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.)

Right now, however, it is the Saturn part of this conjunction that is being activated. I expect what we are going to see from McConnell is the caution and practicality that we typically associate with the ringed planet. He no doubt feels the temptation of power-hungry Pluto but he knows this is a historic moment. In twenty years no one is going to remember Merrick Garland, but the people writing the history books will be looking at what’s happening now and what role Mitch McConnell plays.This might cause him to surprise a lot of people and actually play by the rules.

There is one wild card in this deck. Since we don’t have a time of birth for McConnell, we don’t know exactly where his Moon is placed. It could be anywhere between 28 degrees of Aries to 10 degrees of Taurus. (Personally, I’m betting on Taurus.) What makes this important is that Uranus is currently transiting Taurus and could be conjunct McConnell’s Moon right now. If that is the case, then McConnell’s typically calm and implacable demeanor is apt to crack under Uranus’ disruptive influence and he could do something that utterly changes the nature of the game. The next couple of weeks may not get us the removal of Donald Trump from office, but they are going to tell us a lot about Mitch McConnell’s horoscope.

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