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Following the Moon Jan. 10, 2020MoonImagePurple

The chart for the New Moon on Dec. 26 was dramatic and I promised you events that would be “big and loud” and capture your attention. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) I was expecting the action to involve the upcoming impeachment hearings in the Senate. Instead, the noise turned out to be a drone strike that killed an Iranian general. Then the Iranians responded with their own loud noise, a missile attack on military bases in Iraq.

I also said that the combination of Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon on the I.C. and the trine from Uranus should provide us with good fortune. We can see that good fortune in the fact that no one was killed in the missile attack and President Trump has indicated that there will be no further escalation of the conflict by the U.S. However, tensions remain high.

Much of this trouble has to do with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. In my reading of the Dec. 26 New Moon chart I didn’t sufficiently consider the sextile Mars made to that conjunction. The planets involved in this aspect all have a violent potential but the sextile is a peaceful aspect. That seems to explain why, after this interval of violence, we’ve returned to an uneasy standoff.

That brings us to the Full Moon Chart for Jan. 10.  This chart is even more dramatic that the New Moon chart. (Click here to see the horoscope.) The Full Moon occurs just a couple of days before the Saturn/Pluto conjunction becomes exact and the chart (done for Washington D.C.) has the Sun and Mercury aligned with that conjunction and the Moon opposed. With this Full Moon horoscope we are stepping into the dark and fate-driven kingdom of Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn’s aspects to Pluto always bring us periods of conflict and tension, but they don’t always bring us war. I am still holding on to the hope that we can get through this tense period without open warfare. That is my hope, but I can’t say that this chart is particularly supportive of that hope. The proximity of the Sun to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction describes a weighty situation and increased pressure. The current standoff between the U.S. and Iran may not last and we could easily see another outburst of violence.

The one positive note in this chart is the prominence of Venus. It is in the Tenth House close to the Midheaven. This indicates that the leadership of both the U.S. and Iran legitimately want to avoid a war. Unfortunately, the desire of a country’s leadership does not always dictate the course of events.

Then there’s the impeachment hearings. At this point we still don’t know what form they will take. The conflict with Iran certainly complicates this process. It also raises questions about the timing of the assassination of Soleimani. (The movie “Wag the Dog” comes to mind.)  This chart seems to describe more wrangling about the how this hearing will be done. However, it could also describe a power play on the part of Mitch McConnell to totally shut down the process.

All in all, this chart foretells of another two weeks of white knuckles, raw nerves and compulsive checking of the news. Even people who only watch home improvement shows and “The Great British Bake Off” will probably be feeling the tension. On the other hand, there could be a benefit to the economy. Liquor stores should do very well.