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The Saturn Pluto Collision

Watching the news with an awareness of the current conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is like watching a deadly automobile crash unfold in slow motion. All the vehicles are in motion and you can’t be sure where they’ll end up, but you know it won’t be good. The kicker, of course, is the fact that you are sitting inside one of those careening vehicles.

Right now our attention is on Iran. The escalation of tensions there is classic tit for tat. Shiites supported by Iran attacked an American base in Iraq and killed an US citizen. We responded with a rocket attack on the Shiites in which we killed a bunch of people and a drone attack that eliminatied an Iranian general. This sparked massive protests against the US embassy in Iraq and a promise from the Iranians to raise the ante.

Of course, Iran and Iraq is not the only trouble spots in the Middle East. Syria is still a mess and it’s hard to say what Erdogan in Turkey is going to do next. Then there’s the protests in Hong Kong and the possibility of a Chinese reaction. Kim Jong Un’s promise of a “Christmas present” for the US turned out to be an empty threat but there’s little doubt that North Korea has resumed its nuclear program.

As I pointed out in a previous article, past aspects between Saturn and Pluto had been accompanied by natural disasters (such as the massive earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010). The wildfires in Australia seem to be bordering on that kind of destructiveness. We can track political upheavals as they develop, but natural disasters tend to occur suddenly.

In this country we still have the impeachment of Donald Trump hanging in the air. The current standoff between Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell over the Senate trial is likely to come to head in the next couple of weeks and the future of the Trump presidency could hang in the balance. We might expect that the rising tide of violence and anti-Semitism that we’ve seen during the past few weeks will subside now that the pressures of the holidays have passed, but we can’t be sure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these aspects doesn’t have to exact in order to create havoc. The 9/11 attack occurred almost month after the Saturn to Pluto opposition was exact. In Britain, the Brexit process is set to begin its first stage at the end of January, when this conjunction will be separating. The months that follow are likely to be tumultuous and the changes Brexit will bring to the British economy are hard to predict.

Not every angular aspect between Saturn and Pluto brings a war, political upheaval, natural disasters or a major terrorist event. There is typically a sharp rise in tensions and/or a historic shift in the government or culture of some country somewhere on the globe, but that doesn’t mean that masses of people have to die or nations have to fall. Still, with so many explosive situations developing around the world, it hard not to expect the worst.

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