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At War With OurselvesGunImage

It’s tempting to blame the string of Anti-Semitic attacks, which ended with five people being stabbed to death in New York, and yesterday’s shooting in a Texas church on the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto. However, these violent events are really just part of a trend toward hatred and violence that has been growing in this country for several years.

I think that it is what happened during the Texas shooting that has more relevance to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. During that event, which reportedly lasted about six seconds, a man shoot two parishioners before he was killed by an armed security guard. An armed parishioner also shoot the gunman and reports indicate that several other people in the audience drew weapons and were preparing to open fire on the attacker.

This is where we are now. Church services require armed guards and people gathering on Sunday to worship the “Prince of Peace” come packin’ heat. On the one hand, it sounds outrageous. On the other, when you consider what has happened over the past several years, particularly in Texas, it makes perfect sense. The only argument I can make is that a bullet-proof vest might be the better option. Having a pistol on your hip only helps if you’re not the first one shot,

In a past article (click here to see the article) I discussed some of the events that have accompanied angular aspects between Saturn and Pluto in the past, such as the first few months of World War I and the beginning of World War II. The message the aspect seems to be bringing this time, at least as far as the United States is concerned, is that we are at war with ourselves, that when we step out our front door we are like soldiers stepping out of their trenches or foxholes. The difference is that each of the World Wars ended with one side the winner, whereas in this war with ourselves everyone is a loser