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Following the Moon: Dec. 26, 2019

The last Full Moon (click here to see the article and the chart) featured the Moon on the Midheaven and the Sun on the I.C. I felt this indicated a completion and we saw the completion of the House’s effort to impeach President Trump. However, Neptune was in a T-square with the Sun and Moon so that completion did not go the way that everyone expected. Neptune brings vagueness and uncertainty. Nancy Pelosi has decided not to pass the impeachment on to the Senate until she has some assurance that it won’t be immediately dismissed.

What we have here is an old fashioned power play between two experienced and very canny politicians: Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. This is very much in keeping with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, which is drawing closer to completion every day. Right now it seems that McConnell has the upper hand, but the fact that more evidence has emerged connecting the President’s phone call to the Ukrainian president  with the withholding of military aid might undercut his position.

The chart for the New Moon and eclipse on Dec. 26 (click here to see the chart) gives us pretty clear indication that this impasse will not last. First of all, the Sun and Moon are both on the I.C and opposite the Midheaven. As I said, in the Full Moon chart for Dec. 12 the Sun and Moon were also on this angle. That resulted in a momentous event. The fact that we’re seeing a repeat of that placement in this New Moon chart promises that the next two weeks with bring us another such event.

The Sun and Moon are also conjunct Jupiter which is also on the I.C. This is traditionally considered a benevolent aspect, bringing good fortune and bounty. Maybe Kim Jong Un won’t nuke us or the standoff between Pelosi and McConnell will be amicably resolved. Of course, it’s hard to see how that resolution could happen at this point, but Jupiter aspects have a way of offering us opportunities that we previously did not see.

On top of all this, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all trine Uranus. Uranus brings change. It disrupts our expectations, so what seems carved in stone right now might shift significantly over the next two weeks. Like I always say, predicting Uranus is almost pointless because unpredictability is part of its nature. However, when Uranus enters a situation that seems to be deadlocked, it always finds a way to introduce something revolutionary.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that all this Jupiter and Uranus energy will bring expansion and change in area that are not related to politics. This could be good economic news, since Uranus is close the cusp of the Eighth House of investment. We could see record holiday buying, or record buying after Christmas.

With all this happening and the Saturn to Pluto conjunction arriving at a one degree orb on Jan. 1, we should have a lot more to think about during the next two weeks than just returning unwanted gifts and the best cure for a New Year’s Day hangover. The conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun and Moon tells us that whatever happens is going to be big and loud enough to capture our attention for a long while.

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