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Trump, Jupiter and the Supreme Courttrumpimage

Right now the situation with Donald Trump’s horoscope is pretty bad. Transiting Pluto has moved to within two degrees an opposition to his natal Saturn and transiting Saturn is fast approaching its own opposition to that planet, as well as a conjunction to transiting Pluto. Obviously, the impeachment process is causing Trump to feel a lot of pressure, as witnessed by the crazy letter he sent to Nancy Pelosi yesterday.

However, we all know how the impeachment process is going to play out. The House will vote to impeach and then, as quietly and quickly as possible, McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate will dismiss the action. The only question is how the 45 to 50 percent of the American people who want to see the President removed from office will react to this power play.

What’s not so certain is what’s going to happen with another possible check on the President’s power. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case regarding both the subpoena by the House of Representatives of Trump’s financial records and Don McGahn, Trump’s attorney during the Mueller investigation. The court’s decision on these matters will have important ramifications on the oversight powers of congress. It’s hard to exercise oversight of a president if he or she can simply ignore your request for information.

What make this so interesting, astrologically, is the timing. The Supreme Court will hear these cases sometime between March and June of 2020. Between May and June of 2020 Jupiter will be making a long opposition to Donald Trump’s natal Venus. This is a negative aspect, but it involves positive planets so it could be lucky for Trump. More important, it is very similar to the long Jupiter opposition to his Sun and conjunction to his Moon that Trump enjoyed in the Spring of 2019.

During that 2019 Jupiter transit the Mueller Report was released and, to the consternation of the President’s detractors, it did not recommend his impeachment. The report didn’t exonerate Donald Trump but his culpability was hidden inside 400 pages of legal jargon. Could this happen again with the Supreme Court’s decision? Could Jupiter pull Donald Trump’s fat out of the fine one more time? I know that if I was in Trump’s camp I’d be telling the Justices to take their time and hoping for a ruling in May of June.

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