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January Jitters: Part Two

The big aspect that has so many astrologers on edge right now is the approaching conjunction of transiting Saturn with transiting Pluto. Some would say that we are already seeing the influence of that aspect and I don’t necessarily disagree with them. However, the aspect won’t be exact until Jan. 11, 2020.

When I’m trying to figure out how an aspect is going to work, I like to go back and look that what happened previously when the aspect was exact.  What follows is a summary of what I learned from this research.

Since 1800 Saturn and Pluto have been in an angular aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) a total of 26 times. The majority of these transits coincided with a major, world-shaking event. However, the influence of these transits are not limited to one country. It is spread across the world. These events are also spread across the world.

The two most outstanding of these events were World War I and World War II. When World War I began, Saturn was still a couple of degrees away from completing its conjunction with Pluto. Germany was advancing quickly into French territory and it looked like the war was going to be over in a couple of months. Then, in Oct (when the aspect was exact) the French counter-attacked and drove the Germans back. After this the two armies dug in and four long years of trench warfare began.

In Sept. 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, beginning World War II, Saturn and Pluto were within a degree of a square but the aspect did not complete. This was followed by a period of apparent inactivity which people in France and England labeled the "Phony War." Saturn completed it’s square to Pluto in Apr. 1940. In early May Germany began a real war against France. In a matter of weeks they took Paris.

War is one way in which the oppressive power of Saturn and Pluto can be expressed but there are other ways. In Dec. 1851 (when Saturn was conjunct Pluto) Louis Napoleon, who was at the end of his term as the elected President of France, dissolved the National Assembly and declared himself emperor for life. In Oct. 1922 (when Saturn was square Pluto) Italian Fascists marched on Rome and installed Benito Mussolini as dictator. In Sept. 1973 (when Saturn was again square Pluto) Salvador Allende, the elected President of Chili, was overthrown by General Augusto Pinochet.

Sometimes there were multiple events. A month after Pinochet began his brutal dictatorship in Chili, the Yom Kippur War broke out in Israel, while in the US Richard Nixon had the special prosecutor who was investigating the Watergate coverup fired. In Feb.1993 (when Saturn was square Pluto) we had the first bombing of the World Trade Center. We also had the beginning of the standoff with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. That standoff ended tragically in April. The aspect was exact in March. By the way, on Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center was again attacked, Saturn was four degrees past an opposition to Pluto.

Some of the events that coincided with these aspects were less direct in how they expressed power. For example, in Mar 1866 (when Saturn was opposed to Pluto) Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. In other instances, it was nature that expressed its power. In Feb. 2010 (when Saturn was square Pluto) Haiti was devastated by a huge earthquake. Overall, however, it is the display of political and military power that seems to the predominant theme of these aspects.

So, what does all of this tell us about the upcoming Saturn to Pluto conjunction. Obviously, we can expect to see a display of raw power. This may occur in many places around the world, but in the United States it’s probably going to involve Donald Trump and his impeachment trial. We already have indications that Mitch McConnell is going to use his power the make sure the impeachment dies a quick death in the Senate. How this will play out with the American public remains to be seen.

The great unknown, however, is how Donald Trump is going to respond to the call to power represented by this aspect. He’s already declared that, in his opinion, the constitution allows him to do whatever he wants. If the impeachment seems doomed to fail, that would be further proof that he has such power. Will he find new ways to express this power? It’s kind of scary to think about, and that’s why I call this the January Jitters.

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