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Following the Moon: Dec 12, 2019MoonImagePurple

I predicted that the New Moon for Nov. 26 would be explosive. (Click here to see the article and the chart). However, it wasn’t really explosions that we saw as much as a drumbeat, as the House continued its march toward the impeachment of Donald Trump. The Judiciary Committee had its hearings and articles of impeachment were drafted. These are momentous events, though the fact that they have been expected for weeks makes them seem less so.

The Uranian surprise we got was a report from the Inspector General of the Dept. of Justice establishing that the FBI’s investigation of the Trump 2016 campaign was valid and justified. The report admitted that there were mistakes made but the Inspector General found no evidence of bias against Donald Trump. This debunks a longstanding claim by Trump and his supporters that his campaign was illegally “spied upon” by the “deep state”.

The strong placement of Mars in the Nov. 26 chart indicated violence and multiple shootings made the news during this period, including a possible terrorist attack in Pensacola, Florida and a planned attack of a Jewish deli in New Jersey. Thankfully, the loss of life was not as horrific as we have seen in past events, though if you or one of your loved ones is the person being shot that is not likely to be comforting.

The chart for tomorrow’s Full Moon (click here to see the horoscope) is remarkable in that, when done for Washington D.C., the Sun and Moon are almost directly on the Midheaven/I.C. angle. I think that what this describes is the completion of a prolong process. That would obviously be the impeachment process, which will probably be voted on sometime during the next two weeks. I also think that most Americans, regardless of their politics, will be glad to see the process completed.

The Sun is semi-sextile Venus and the Moon is quincunx that loving planet, so we should be able to squeeze in some Christmas cheer and goodwill in between the politics. However, the fact that Saturn is also involved in this aspect and Venus is bracketed by Saturn and Pluto would seem to place a shadow over the holiday festivities. This might be because of the political situation, but it could be something else. Saturn is nearing its conjunction with Pluto and these aspects have historically brought ominous tidings.

Neptune forms a T-square with the Sun and Moon in this chart. President Trump has already started putting out his own narratives about what happen with Ukraine and the FBI investigation. We can expect those to proliferate and create confusion. However, the square is somewhat wide and Neptune is trine Mars in no-nonsense Scorpio so this disinformation campaign might not be as effective as the President and his people hope.

I like the fact that Jupiter is trine Uranus in this chart. I’ve always considered this a lucky aspect and I feel that it hints at something good happening for our country, I’m not sure what that might be but it is good reason to hang your stockings with care and leave extra cookies of Saint Nick.

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